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   Chapter 2910 Dig The Ancestral Graves

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Austin and Hare sat prim on the ship, with legs crossed and fingers intertwined over one knee. They were positioned across each other.

"I got you something,"

Hare said seriously.

He waved his hand and an dark golden blood mist appeared.

Amidst the mist of blood, there came a fearsome figure, roaring furiously.

It was a member of the Tomber race with scales.

"Sir, you went to the Ghostdom and hunted down another Tomber!"

As he recognized the silhouette, Austin couldn't contain his surprise.

Hare once took Austin to the Ghostdom where he slaughtered a young Tomber. He used the Tomber's blood to help Austin better control the Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor. Austin would never forget that exciting and harrowing experience.

Much to Austin's amazement, Hare had obtained another Tomber's blood this time.


I broke into the Ghostdom secretly and sneaked into the graveyard of the Tomber race. I extracted the blood essence from one of the corpses there.

Don't underestimate it. This blood contains all that Tomber's memories before its death.

If you can perfectly integrate the blood with your Eye of the Ghostdom Ancestor, your strength will definitely increase sharply.

That being said, you should prepare to have them merged,"

Hare explained.

"You really dug the graveyard of the Tomber race?" An expression of utter shock was plastered upon the Heavenly Majestic Pot's face.

It found it hard to believe what the old man said.

"I heard that there's a member that has reached the Divine Realm in the Tomber race. Despite knowing so, you still had the guts to break into their graveyard.

That was so cool. I kind of admire your courage, Hare!"

The Heavenly Majestic Pot was impressed with Hare's bravery and audacity.

"That's it. Just leave us alone.

Boy, let's get started,"

Hare stated to Austin.

Since it was refined by Austin, the Heavenly Majestic Pot was his magic treasure.

But the pot had existed for eras. It was as old as Hare.

Therefore, the elder treated the pot in a casual manner, as if the latter was his peer.

In the Ghostdom, angry roars rang out, echoing throughout every corner of the Ghostdom.

"Damn it! How dare this someone dig up our ancestral graves?

Wherever he is, I will find him and I will kill him. He is

os, he had another powerful trump card up his sleeve.

"All right. Two days have passed.

The members of the strong forces have gathered around the entrance of that passage.

We have to find a way to go through it without alerting them,"

Hare stated.

"That's not an easy work. In the past two days, the four Divine Realm masters haven't left. They have been unleashing their spiritual sense to look for us."

The Heavenly Majestic Pot smiled bitterly. This was about to be a difficult task for them to fulfill.

"Let's go."

Determined, Hare had decided to push through regardless.

The Space Ship shook slightly and flew towards the edge of the Purple Cosmos where the secret passage was located.

Outside the Purple Cosmos, the four Divine Realm masters including the chief of the Mu Clan were still levitating in the void. They had been waiting there.

"It's the day to enter the passage. Austin will not miss it.

We'll keep an eye on the entrance of the passage. I bet we will find him."

With a determined and murderous look in his eyes, the chief of the Mu Clan had a watchful eye on the surroundings in case Austin showed up.

"You're right.

We just need to wait here."

The other three Divine Realm masters nodded with a sneer.

The Space Ship stopped on the verge of the Purple Cosmos.

"We're here. It's the entrance to the passage over there." Hare pointed to the front.

The front, on other hand, was already filled with dense creatures. The number of them was at least over one hundred million!

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