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   Chapter 2908 Getting Exposed (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6977

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It was quite an unbelievable sight! Including the leader of the Mu Clan, there were four powerful Divine Realm cultivators present at the same spot. All of them had assembled there for one common purpose: to find and kill the human, the ruthless young man, Austin!

They were totally stunned to witness such an unprecedented event!

"We do not have time to spare in any nonsense. We are meeting here because of a purpose. We are here to get rid of Austin. We must make sure that the purpose isn't defeated.

Once that job is carried out and I kill Austin, I'll have to learn about the secret passage that leads to the Yellow Cosmos. Time is running out!"

His words were evidence of how desperate the leader of the underworld was to get rid of Austin.

Killing Austin wasn't the only purpose for them to come here. They were there to find the door to Gods' Hometown!

Once everything with Austin would be settled, they planned to head out for another mission. It was to find out more about the secret passage to the Yellow Cosmos

"Well! That's very well!"

Everyone knew that time was running out. The leader of the Mu Clan too nodded in agreement. There was no hesitation in anyone's mind.

The four Divine Realm cultivators released their spiritual sense at once. Four streams of violent force rolled out and spread in different directions in the Purple Cosmos. It was combing through every inch of the land in the vast universe, in search of their target.

All the creatures in the Purple Cosmos felt a sharp pain and they slumped down as they were under the influence of the powerful force.

Not long ago, they had seen only one Divine Realm cultivator wheeling the whole space of the Purple Cosmos in search of Austin. His energy alone had caused a great commotion.

But now, there were four powerful Divine Realm cultivators and they were working together. By launching their spiritual sense at the same time, they were creating a chaotic situation.

The effect of their combined forces that they unleashed around was tantamount to the might of god!

The who

t! We must go now. Let's move!"

Austin nodded in agreement.

It was a fact that the Space Ship and the array flags of the Track-hiding Array were very smart and powerful.

However, there were many people who were searching them outside. If they made a rampant search of every inch of the space, there was a high probability to be found and caught.

Compared to the threat of being caught, everybody was ready for another journey. It was an essential journey as it could save them from the deadly claws of death! Was it too much to ask? It wasn't!

The Space Ship was progressing quietly. It was moving towards another starry area.

"Listen! For some reason, I can't understand it but there's something strange! Did you guys feel that?" Suddenly a voice rose among the four Divine Realm cultivators. They were calling out, "Something is moving! Over there! Go after them!"

They looked around and tried to perceive the source of that movement. Finally, they were able to detect the movement of the Space Ship. It was detected as soon as it started to sail. The discovery of the ship delighted them to the core.

"Austin! We've finally found you! It is all over now!"

The faces of the four Divine Realm cultivators were beaming. There was a scary smirk with a glint of coldness in their eyes. They had found their target and were ready to destroy him in every possible way!

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