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   Chapter 2906 The Spiritual Sense Of The Divine Realm Master

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All the creatures from the different cosmos were expected to enter the passage in two days. However, Austin hadn't heard anything from Hare.

Austin had no choice but to wait patiently, while wandering aimlessly in the starry sky.

The secret passage leading to the Yellow Cosmos was located at the edge of the Purple Cosmos. At that moment, a group of strong and powerful creatures were standing clustered around it studying it intently.

Therefore, Austin didn't dare to approach the entrance of the passage for the time being. He could only wait until two days later, when the creatures of the various universes made a move towards the passage, then he would have the opportunity to follow them.

Out of the blue, Austin heard loud noises in the distance.

A frightful wave of formidable energy shocks spread from the distant sky, drawing the attention of many creatures.

All the creatures headed towards the direction where the sounds came from, and Austin secretly followed them.

When they reached the source of all the commotion, they saw two young men fighting each other in the sky.

One of them, was tall and thin, and was wearing clothes made of animal skin. He was Dempsey from the Mu Clan.

The other one was a teenager of about fifteen or sixteen years. He had good looks with a trace of childishness on his face.

Dempsey held an old machete in his right hand and a bow on his back. Each time he waved his overbearing machete, he would create a shocking energy. From time to time, he would also take off the bow and shoot surprise arrows, creating huge black holes in the space.

The good looking teenager was so enraged that he emitted a tremendous demonic aura, while silver scales emerged and floated all over his skin forming a thick silver armor.

He held a small sword in his hand which released a formidable sword aura that transformed into glowing runes. Each time he frantically waved it, the entire space shook.

"It's Mr. Dempsey of the Mu Clan from the Hunting Cosmos and Prince Aldrich of the Beast Cosmos!"

"The Beast Cosmos and the Hunting Cosmos have always been mortal enemies.

As soon as they met, Prince Aldrich commanded Dempsey to release all the beasts he captured in a very condescending tone, but Dempsey refused to comply.

So they immediately descend into a fight."

Many living creatures nearby discussed among themselves trying to figure out what was the source of their intense fight this time.

"Prince Aldrich is a legendary divine beast!"

Violet and the gnome exclaimed in chorus as they stood beside Austin.

"What kind of legendary beast is it?"

Austin asked, looking surprised.

"I guess he is a Kirin,"

the divine silkworm said.


Both Austin and the Heavenly Majestic Pot were shocked.

The Kirin was an ancient mythical beast. Legend stated that it could ward off and exorcise evil spirits.

The fact that Prince Aldrich was a Kirin was beyond their wildest imagination.

"The people from the Hunting Cosmos are abominable.

Come on, Prince

with him into the Space Wormhole and disappeared.

The vast Purple Cosmos was filled with creatures from other universes.

There were all races and kinds of creatures including humans, beasts, demons, evil spirits and other rare races that were seldom seen in public.

They were all attracted to the door to the Gods' Hometown.

They were all hopeful that once they entered the Gods' Hometown, they might meet the gods and get some gifts from them which could help them improve themselves and make them invincible to even rule over all the universes.

No one could resist and let the opportunity, however slim, slip away.

After a while, an explosion resounded through the whole space!

The entire cosmos began shaking violently. The vibrations began from below the ground then slowly increased in intensity and suddenly everything was being violently toppled to the ground while trees and buildings were being uprooted and ejected from the ground.

An overbearing power enveloped the whole Purple Cosmos, and even shook the space barrier.

All the living beings in the cosmos felt suffocated and their knees became weak. Deep in their souls, they had an impulse to kneel down.

"It seems a master of the Divine Realm has just arrived in this place!"

"I don't think so. The Purple Cosmos is a middle-level universe. Masters who are at the Divine Realm are not allowed to set foot on this place.

The power we sense is probably only the spiritual sense of a master of that realm."

"You have a point. You could be right. A Divine Realm master has unleashed his spiritual sense into the Purple Cosmos!"

"Oh my God! That's dangerous. He can terminate us simply with the use of his spiritual sense!"

All the creatures in the Purple Cosmos went silent out of fear. They were all trying to guess who the master of the Divine Realm was and why he would release his spiritual sense there.

"I have a bad feeling about this whole situation,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot said worriedly while on the invisible ship.

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