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   Chapter 2903 A Big Move (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6310

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"I agree. His strength is too powerful for us to fathom. We are definitely not a match for him at our current state."

Even Austin admitted that he didn't have the confidence to face this man.

"Of course not. He is a heaven immortal.

In terms of martial arts levels, we are not even a match for an earth immortal—let alone a heaven immortal.

We have no choice but to run!"

The Heavenly Majestic Pot immediately took out the Space Ship.


The Space Ship carrying Austin and his companions vanished in an instant. They rushed and entered the chaotic void, and escaped as soon as they could.

Charlie, the vice leader of the Purple Cosmos, and the giant man in the beast hide soared into the skies of the Heaven Continent. They gave off terrifyingly intimidating energy which quickly spread out like a thick cloud of mist. Their fearsome aura enveloped the whole continent in just a short time.

All the creatures in the continent felt so afraid that none of them was able to move a single muscle. They trembled in fear at the presence of an almighty force.

Groups of elite soldiers landed on the area and immediately started to comb the vicinity.

Every creature was required to release the aura of their spiritual souls for a check. If one dared to refuse, the person would be killed on the spot.

They felt as if they were prisoners being chained down and could not do anything but to obey in order to preserve their lives.

"Our Mu Clan's martial arts masters have used their secret skills to reverse time. They have already traced the scene when the young master was slain.

It turned out that the culprit is a human young man. It seemed that he possesses a pot that has grown intelligent.

We have discovered the aura of the young man's spiritual soul. Once we inspect it, we're pretty sure to detect it.

Young Master Abraham is not just one of

most valuable treasure of the Space Sect. These two heaven immortals are powerful, but it is clearly impossible for them to catch up to us!"

The Heavenly Majestic Pot sneered and urged the Space Ship to speed up further.

With a sudden violent shake, the Space Ship accelerated at such an intensity, utterly leaving the heaven immortals far behind.

"We failed to catch them."

Both Charlie and the giant man in beast hide looked sullen and frustrated with the outcome.

"Humph! Judging by the aura of the spiritual soul that we've been chasing, it must be our target.

That thing they're on, it must be a very powerful flying magic treasure. Otherwise, he should not have been able to escape from us,"

The giant man in beast hide snorted scoffed as he wallowed in his failure.

"A powerful flying magic treasure…

In all the universes, there seems to be a very few flying magic treasure that can get away from us.

Unless those are the magic treasures from major forces that have been passed down from ancient times.

How did he even obtain it? Who the hell is this human bastard? Does this mean that he came from a force with far superior cultivation methods and skills?"

Charlie tried to think hard about who they were facing.

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