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   Chapter 2900 The Hunting Cosmos

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Austin looked ahead with a frown.

Dozens of figures closed in and surrounded Austin and his companions in an instant.

The men were much taller than ordinary people, and their clothes were made of different beasts' skin. They looked like primordial hunters and gatherers.

The beast skin that they had clothed themselves in contained a daunting energy.

Apparently, the animal pelt they wore belonged to powerful beasts; hence, it carried with it formidable energy.

"Look, a nine-tailed demon fox! I heard this rare ancient beast only live in the Beast Cosmos.

Never in my life did I expect to run into one in the Purple Cosmos! Looks like today is my lucky day! Come on, guys. Let's get this beast," a young man who wore a black beast skin said in excitement while pointing at Violet.

His eyes lit up with pleasure. From time to time, he would stick out his tongue and licked his lips maliciously.


Violet snorted.

Violet was an eminent figure with a remarkable talent. She was famous for her great powers among the young cultivators of the Immortal End Alliance, and even in the Fallen Immortal Cosmos.

Nevertheless, she was friends with Austin. All the creatures in their universe had to be courteous around her because everyone knew that once they disrespect Violet in any way, they had to answer to Austin.

But the young man in the black beast's clothing now saw Violet as his prey. That was an insult that Violet could never tolerate.

"Rest assured, Mr. Mu. We may stand no chance against catching a fully-fledged and mature nine-tailed demon fox.

But this one hasn't grown up yet. It's best we capture her now when she's not at her prime," a brawny old man next to the young man said confidently.

When he spoke, he glanced at Austin, the gnome, the little infinity beast and the heaven silkworm coldly.

The elder was at the Golden Immortal Realm, while the young man was a genuine immortal.

The other muscular men either had the strength of a genuine immortal or a sect ancestor.


The brawny old man's eyes stopped at the gnome abruptly.

"It's a gnome! It is an ancient beast too! Ha-ha! Mr. Mu, I can't believe we ran into two ancient beasts at the same instance."

The strong old man was thrilled after recognizing the gnome.

"What? Are you saying that this is the legendary creature widely known for its prowess on the law of space? Hmm, I've wanted one ever since.

ch their prey with their bare hands.

However, Austin was so much stronger than what they thought.

All of a sudden, he summoned the Heavenly Majestic Pot.

The pot shook lightly and turned all the strong men at the sect ancestor level to ashes! In an instant, they dissipated like dusts in the wind.

Austin pointed at the remaining horde, and the Mysterious Magnetic Mountain surrounded by nine drops of Celestial Star Water erupted from his body. They emitted a monumental amount of power that crushed everything it came upon.

At the same time, the door of the heaven secret realm inside Austin's body opened. Subsequently, a huge dragon rushed out and appeared in the sky. It pounced on the young man and his crew mercilessly.

In a few seconds, Austin had destroyed all the enemies at the Genuine Immortal Realm.

Recently, Austin's fighting power had increased tenfold!

It would be a piece of cake for him to slay genuine immortals.

Thanks to his exceptional talent and numerous trump cards, Austin could terminate the cultivators of his level almost effortlessly.

"What? It can't be!"

The young man and the elder were dumbfounded.

'He eliminated all of them with just one move!'

"Now, it's your turn!"

The Heavenly Majestic Pot and Austin bolted towards the two survivors fiercely.

The duo released formidable energy waves, which sent the elder and the young man flying.

"Wait. Don't kill them just yet!"

Austin shouted.

He suddenly became curious about the Hunting Cosmos. Therefore, Austin decided to take the two men as captives and interrogate them about the uncharted land.

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