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   Chapter 2898 Arrival (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6033

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In front of him was a vast space full of brightly shining stars.

The stars twinkled and shimmered in the boundless universe. Once in a while, a shooting star would briefly draw a bright line in the dark background and disappear just as quickly. It was a breathtaking image of bright diamonds scattered across the infinite canvas of the night sky.

"Hmm... I feel like I have been here before,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot murmured as soon as they arrived at this new universe.

"Oh, yeah, I remember it now! This is the Purple Cosmos!"

it shouted with excitement as it sensed the aura of this starry area.

"Cosmos? What are you talking about? I've never heard of that before."

Austin, the gnome and all the other people were puzzled at the pot's words.

"Yes, yes! Cosmos!

To put it in more simple terms, it is another name for universe.

For example, the universe you come from is also called the Fallen Immortal Cosmos which is actually a relatively inferior cosmos. No offense,"

the Heavenly Majestic Pot explained to everybody with a wink.

'What did it call our universe? The Fallen Immortal Cosmos?'

Austin was surprised. He didn't know that that was how outsiders from other universes called the universe that he came from. This was all new to him.

"Yes. In most of the universes, people prefer to call the universe as the cosmos. It's a more modern term. The word, universe is so... old fashioned!

So, you'd better do the same to avoid weird looks and even some jokes."

The Heavenly Majestic Pot reminded its friends with a kind grin.

Due to the wide experience it had accumulated over the past, it had acquired significant knowledge about so many things under the heavens.

"Is there a planet called Earth in the Purple Cosmos? There is life on that pla


Austin murmured to himself in deep thought.


At this moment, a stream of light darted towards Austin from out of nowhere. It then stopped in front of him.

It was a Contact Jade Slip.

"Welcome, Austin! You have finally come to this universe.

I've been waiting for you here for quite some time now. I really look forward to meeting you again and now here you are. You may proceed to the Heaven Continent and wait for me there.

Right now, I am still on a mission that requires me to make an investigation on something. It may take a couple of days. In the meantime, you may explore what this cosmos has to offer and have a good time.

Just go to the Heaven Continent first. Then I'll find you when I return."

A voice from the Contact Jade Slip gave instructions.

"It's Master Hare!"

Austin was overjoyed to hear his voice.

Master Hare was the skinny old man who had stayed in the chaotic void.

He was a tremendous help during some of the recent events. Some of those things, like Austin's breakthrough to the Genuine Immortal Realm, might have ended differently without Master Hare lending a hand. Austin had personally met him twice in the chaotic void.

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