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   Chapter 2894 Two Little Boys

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Meanwhile, Austin promised his three wives that he would take them to a very special place when he came back next time.

Moreover, he would spend more time and live there with them for a while.

Caroline, Ivy and Sue were quite intrigued by the place that Austin was praising so much and asked him a lot of questions trying to guess the mysterious place he was talking about.

Austin on the other hand, had his lips sealed and was not divulging any information. He wanted to keep their destination as a surprise, so he asked them to wait patiently.

Of course, the special place that Austin was referring to was the Earth.

Deep in his heart, Austin had always regarded Earth as his home.

Therefore, Austin really wanted to take his wives back to Earth and show them his roots and where he came from, as well as spend some time there.

However this time, Austin was going to explore and know the route first, and then the next time he went back he would take his family with him.

'When I come back to Earth, will my parents, my younger brother, sister and friends still be alive?'

The thought suddenly occurred to Austin.

This was a problem that involved both space and time energy.

Austin had no idea if the time in his current universe was in sync with the universe where Earth was located.

It had been decades since he had first arrived on his current universe.

He wondered whether it was the same on earth and if it had been decades since he had disappeared from that place.

Austin knew that his fears and questions could only be answered when he went back to see for himself.

So he didn't bother to task himself with thinking about impossible issues for now.

After staying in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land for a dozen days, Austin went back to the Prime Martial World and entered the pot.

The little infinity beast and the divine silkworm had been training themselves in the time chamber. Austin's main purpose was to visit them.

In the cave hidden inside the pot, at the pavilion where Corey and Faran usually played chess, Austin caught sight of two little boys who looked about five years old.

The two kids emitted a golden divine aura, and they had a pair of bright eyes.

Austin had never seen them before, but he thought they looked familiar.

"Who are you?"

Austin asked in confusion as he entered the pavilion.

"What? You don't recognize us, Austin?"

one of the kids asked in a childish voice.

'How come he knows my name?'

Austin was more puzzled as he studied the kids more keenly than before.

"Could this be true? Are you the little infinity beast and the divine silkworm?"

Austin gulped in shock as he asked with uncertainty.

"Yes, it's us. You are so smart,"

the other boy shouted as he

to treat the young man with the due respect that he deserved.

"Please get up!"

Austin was shocked and rushed to help them up.

Corey and Faran had helped Austin a lot, so Austin had always been grateful and respectful towards both of them.

"Leave us be. Now that you are our young master, we need to observe all etiquette and treat you the way you deserve,"

the elders insisted.

Since they insisted, Austin couldn't do much and simply let them be.

"Since you have asked us to move to the Celestial Palace, we will set off right away,"

the elders said after they looked at each other in agreement.

In fact, they really wanted to see their master but didn't know how to broach the subject.

"Great. You can get going,"

Austin said in delight.

Then Corey and Faran were bound for the Celestial Palace.

"Well, I still have some unfinished business to attend to,"

Austin murmured as he looked into the distance.

Then he left the Immortal End World and floated outside the world.

He activated the Omnipotent Lightness and moved at a shocking speed.

A moment later, he appeared at a star cluster. He suddenly stood still while trying to look ahead with his sharp eyes.

There was a huge world in front of him.

It was a powerful, thriving place.

Almost every creature knew about this mysterious and powerful land.

It was where the headquarters of the Heavenly Palace was located.

"The Heavenly Palace, here I come!" Austin said with a sneer.

Austin made no secret of his arrival. He released his full energy that billowed and spread in the star cluster.

The whole space shook vigorously as if it had been struck by an earthquake.

"Please calm down, Leader Austin!"

A moment later, a voice of panic rang out.

Then a figure hurriedly rushed out of the headquarters of the Heavenly Palace.

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