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   Chapter 2893 The Warm Welcome From Herbert

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"Well, that's all I want to say.

Don't worry. You should go back now. The most important thing now is for you to develop your own world, and do everything you can to make it prosperous and well developed. I shall look forward to that day."

After saying that, Austin turned around and went back to the Immortal End World.

All the creatures of that world watched Austin's receding figure with awe and respect. They were deeply touched by his words, all the way to the core of their hearts. They didn't take their eyes off him until he had completely disappeared.

In the world of martial arts, it was a standard rule that the strong cultivators could order around and bully the weaker cultivators.

Strong cultivators were the kings of their world and dominated everything in it.

With his horrifying ability, Austin was capable enough to defeat all the strong cultivators, anywhere in the universe. At present, with his help, the Immortal End Alliance had become the biggest force in the universe.

All the living beings in the universe understood that it was just a matter of time before Austin became the one and only king of the martial arts world and dominated everyone and everything in it.

Creatures in many worlds even knew that they should take the initiative to show their loyalty to Austin rather than wait for him to force them on it.

That was why they came to meet Austin today, offering themselves to be his followers, at his service.

However, the wise words that came from Austin's mouth caught them by surprise.

Peace was what the whole universe needed to heal and eventually thrive. All creatures and inhabitants therein wanted to live in unity and contentment. War was the last thing that everybody wished for. With long lasting peace, finding allies, building armies and searching for supreme powers for any fight would no longer be needed.

Every world should coexist in peace and cooperate with others for a better and brighter future.

Austin had already gone, but all the creatures were still lost in deep thought. What Austin had said echoed in their minds as they thought them over and over again.

Austin clearly expressed that he had no intention of being the supreme leader of the universe.

"Citizens of the universe, you must know clearly what Austin meant. Please go back to your worlds and live your happy lives."

Kevin and the people of the Immortal End Alliance cupped their hands towards all the other people to show their politeness. Then they also turned around and left, following Austin.

"Listen to me, everybody. Leader Austin has made it very clear that from now on, all the worlds in this universe shall coexist alongside each other in peace and develop our worlds with joint hands. There shall be no more fights, nor alliances in preparation for fights! It should be a thing of the past now.

We must adhere to Leader Austin's orders and make a pact not to break it!"

The middle-aged man in grey, who had talked to Austin previously, in turn addressed the crowd. He spoke the words alo

ngers from other worlds also came to welcome Austin.

Austin was very friendly with them and talked to them kindly. This surprised all the messengers. They all realized that Austin was a nice and humble guy and that their trip to the Flame Holy Land was worthwhile.

The joyful commotion lasted for quite a while before everybody finally dispersed and went back to their own normal business.

For the next few days, Austin stayed in the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land for some much needed rest.

When the right time came, Austin revealed to Caroline, Ivy, Sue, Violet and all his other friends, his plan of leaving this universe.

The gnome was present and heard the news as well.

Surprised but not resentful, Caroline and everyone, who knew about it, wanted to go with Austin.

A wry smile flashed on Austin's face. He knew how dangerous this journey was going to be. It was going to be impossible to take so many people with him.

Austin tried to persuade them to change their minds, giving valid reasons for each one of them.

"Master, I must go with you. There is a possibility of you coming across some of the members of our nine-tailed demon fox race in some another universes.

I want to find them too."

Violet told Austin her intentions.

"I want to go with you too. The species of my people is a kind of ancient beast.

In this universe, I haven't found any news of my kind. Maybe they exist in another universe."

The gnome also spoke up after some serious thought.

"There is no trace or news of any ancient beasts in this universe. To find our people, we must go and explore other universes,"

Violet added, supporting the gnome's argument.

Both of them were quite resolute and serious about it.

"All right. Fine, you can both come along with me."

Austin had no choice but to agree with a nod.

As for Caroline, Ivy and Sue, they agreed to stay in the current universe upon Austin's insistence.

They agreed only because Austin promised that he would come back as soon as possible.

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