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   Chapter 2892 Visitors From Different Worlds

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Somewhere in a quiet valley, a deafening sound rang out from Austin's body.

The loud noise was as sudden and booming as an angry emperor who had made his subjects prostrate themselves obediently in front of him!

"This is too overbearing!"

Austin could not help but exclaim. Under the guidance of Princess Gracie, he practiced the Divine Fist Skill.

When he performed this skill, the clear fist shadow dazzled and an enormous amount of vital energy surged with unparalleled momentum.

"Remember, the most important thing in mastering the Divine Fist Skill is to focus on your momentum!

Only by comprehending the imperial momentum, incorporating the imperial law to your body, and harnessing the power to suppress the enemy can you activate the true potential of the Divine Fist Skill.

In a nutshell, the key to maximize the power of the skill is to gain more momentum, instead of focusing on the skill itself,"

Princess Gracie instructed patiently.

After a few hours, she left the valley to allow Austin to cultivate by himself.

Sometimes, Austin sat cross-legged and meditated, but other times he left the valley and jumped into the deep starry sky to activate the shadow and fist attacks.

The more he cultivated, the more he marveled at the fearsome and unfathomable strength of the skill.


In the fathomless starry sky of the universe, the light of Austin's fist attack shattered the heaven; the impact of its imperial law was so powerful that it urged all the creatures in the universe to kneel down and surrender.

A dozen days later, Austin had proficiently learned most of the essence of the fist skill.

However, he still needed to use the skill to attack his enemies frequently and accumulate enough experience in the battlefield to significantly improve this ability.

Thus, Austin went to bid farewell to Princess Gracie and then left the Celestial Palace.

He was about to leave his universe soon. Thus, he had to go back to his world and maintain the order and amity among all the living creatures.

Finally, the universe he was staying was at peace.

After all the terrible fighting a few days ago, people there felt even the entire universe was worn out.

Fortunately, conflicts were resolved, and the universe could now enter a strife-free period of recuperation.

While Austin was wandering alone in the starry sky, he unleashed his spiritual sense to pe

t, be quiet and listen to me,"

Austin said and waved his hand.

Immediately, the sky was deafeningly silent once again that one could even hear a pin drop.

"Our universe has just gone through a terrible war, from which everyone has suffered great losses,"

Austin said slowly.

All the creatures in the sky could not help but reimagine the devastating disaster that had happened in the universe not long ago.

During that time, thousands of trillions of creatures were slaughtered.

The whole universe was filled with a foul smell of blood. Numerous innocent creatures also died a terrible death.

It was a spine-chilling tragedy that anybody feared to recall.

"But I promise you that from now on, the universe is safe. The great war is over,"

Austin continued.

"We must focus all our efforts to heal and maintain the peace that we enjoy now. There is no need to fight or to form cliques.

Different worlds shall coexist and cooperate with each other harmoniously.

Therefore, I shall proclaim that in the following days, any form of fighting will be forbidden in the whole universe. Anyone who violates this rule will personally be eradicated by me.

Therefore, there is no need for your men to become my people and your worlds to follow my leadership.

I urge you to go back and make greater efforts to make your own worlds prosperous.

Of course, if you wish to establish a cordial relationship with the Immortal End World and the Immortal End Alliance, you are all very welcome to do so."

Austin spoke with benevolence and sincerity, while everyone listened to him carefully.

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