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   Chapter 2890 The Messenger Of The Ancient Peace Agreement

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With his hands behind his back, Peterson marched towards the secret room. Austin closely followed behind him.

When he had time on his hands, Peterson usually cultivated and meditated in this area.

As soon as they arrived, the elder positioned himself in the center of the room. He sat cross-legged in hassock and gestured for Austin to sit down as well.

Acknowledging the aged man before him, Austin sat down on his feet hurriedly.

"I guess you know that I am just a wisp of my broken soul," Peterson started.

He looked straight into Austin's eyes and sighed inaudibly.

"Yes, master. I'm aware."

Austin nodded.

"Great masters from many universes have been searching for me endlessly for eras.

They probably want to figure out whether I am still alive.

Recently, this universe has attracted the attention of lots of masters from other places. The leaders of the underworld and the Divine Sect attempted to barge in here, risking the violation of Ancient Peace Agreement mainly because they knew that I am here.

They want to get in here to catch me in order to find out where my real body is,"

Peterson explained.

'I see!'

With a sudden sense of epiphany, Austin exclaimed in his head.

'The main goal of the two leaders in here is Peterson's soul.'

"Master, are they looking for you because of your treasures?"

Austin curiously asked.

He had heard before that Peterson was one of the richest cultivators and he amassed a large quantity of valuable collections from many universes.

Rumor also had it that Peterson perished after he betrayed the Immortal World.

Hence, numerous creatures searched far and wide for the treasures he had. They had been doing so for eras.


Peterson simply shook his head. This piqued Austin's curiosity even more. If not for the treasures, then why were they looking for him?

As if he heard what Austin thought, Peterson answered, "Perhaps, many weak living beings indeed want to find my treasures.

But that's not the purpose of masters like the leaders of the underworld and the Divine Sect. They are wealthy and possess a big sum of fortune. They wouldn't spent eras looking for my properties when they had accumulated their own treasures.

They wanted to find my real body because I have s

s your real body?"

Austin asked cautiously.

"Actually, I don't know where it is. I am not even sure if I'm still alive.

Eras ago, I lost contact with my real body.

As a matter of fact, I am not the only wisp of my soul. My spiritual soul fragments can be found in many universes,"

Peterson explained.

Austin kept getting more and more intrigued. 'It turned out that Peterson the Taoist Ancestor's spiritual soul fragments can be find in other universes.'

"But not long ago, I got this."

As Peterson waved his hand lightly, a strand of aura floated out from his palm.

The aura he carried seemed to come from a distant place.

Austin's intuition told him that the aura was from another universe.

This confused Austin, however, since he felt the aura to be very familiar.

In fact, he felt like he had been looking for it his entire life; it was the missing piece.

"I got this from my real body. It came from an old star, the Earth.

I'm guessing my real body has been to the Earth or it still remains there.

Perhaps the reason why my real body sent this aura to us is to signal that he is still alive."

The elder smiled out of excitement. He relished in the idea that his real body could still be intact.

After all, he was just a broken soul fragment. Of course he yearned to become whole once again.

'The Earth!'

Austin was shaken up.

His mind felt hazy and clouded as he tried to process this. This was a huge surprise.

Even his body started to tremble uncontrollably.

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