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   Chapter 2887 The Ambition Of Sword Palace's Supreme Grandmaster

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"What did you say? He has recovered?"

Austin was surprised.

"Yes, he has.

Austin, I am aware that you have met our supreme grandmaster before, so you should know how strong he is.

Without a doubt, he is definitely the most powerful man in this universe.

Therefore, he has declared that all the worlds in this universe must bow at his feet, and should agree to be led by the Sword Palace in order to maintain the peace of the universe from this day forward,"

one of the two elders said with pride when he saw the changes in Austin's facial expression.

"Bow to him and agree to be led by the Sword Palace?

What about the Immortal End Alliance? Does he want us to bow to the Sword Palace?"

Amused by the elder's words, Austin could not help but laugh.

Then, he finally realized why the people of the Sword Palace had become so aggressive.

'The supreme grandmaster of the Sword Palace is a genuine immortal. Since he was seriously injured, he had to hide on that secluded island to heal himself.

But now he has recovered and regained his strength.

He thinks he can rule this universe just because he is at the Genuine Immortal Realm and knows anyone will not dare challenge him because of his formidable power.

Therefore, as soon as he was recovered, he was immediately prepared to dominate the universe, ' Austin pondered.

"Austin, our supreme grandmaster mentioned that you have an exceptional talent and that he really appreciate you.

He asks if you are willing to work for him. He wants to take you as his disciple to teach you all the martial arts skills he has learnt.

This is an invaluable opportunity. You should seize it,"

an elder said earnestly.

'Hmm. He does not look like a liar. It seems that their supreme grandmaster had intended to recruit and mentor me, ' Austin thought as he observed the elder's expressions.

"Well, your supreme grandmaster does give me a lot of credit."

Austin said politely while he tried to decide whether he felt more angry or entertained.

'As a matter of fact, I have just defeated eight golden immortals. But now a genuine immortal is tryi

rld, someone shouted at him.

Groups of people patrolled outside the Sword World to prevent outsiders from entering the gates. Each of them had a sharp sword on their back.

Austin had once broken into the Sword World with his army. He had a deal with the supreme grandmaster of the Sword Palace. Afterwards, they left peacefully.

Ever since then, the Sword World had announced that it was cut off from the outside world overtly.

However, after the supreme grandmaster of the Sword Palace had recovered, the people of the world had been quite aggressive.

More than a dozen people from the Sword Palace drew closer and surrounded Austin in a bid to interrogate him.

Austin snickered at the guards. He ignored them and went up to the palace gates.

"How dare you trespass and cause trouble in the Sword World? Get him!"

The group of guards flew into a rage. They drew pit their swords and waved them at Austin.

Austin released a small amount of vital energy, and in an instant, they were all sent flying away.

He knew that those men were no match for him. Thus, he didn't see any point of taking their lives.

"An intruder has entered the premises! Get him!" one of the injured men shouted.

The other people of the Sword World heard the cry for help and rushed at Austin all together.

With his hands clasped behind his back, Austin walked up to the entrance and knocked everyone off the ground.

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