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   Chapter 2885 The Calm Before The Storm

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The Divine Sect's leader found it excruciatingly difficult to make such a crucial decision.

There was an ancient doctrine passed down from the Divine Sect.

The weapon and the divine fire found in the ancestral grave were two of the most important treasures of the Divine Sect for they had protected the heritage of the sect for countless generations.

The two treasures were only used for the most desperate situations.

If the weapon and the divine fire in the ancestral grave were used, it meant that the seating leader of the Divine Sect was not competent to run and improve the already great sect.

In fact, the leader of the Divine Sect was unwilling to use these two treasures. But clearly the Sect-protecting Array made was having a hard time resisting the terrifying seven colored flashes outside, which struck fear inside his heart as every color and flash filled his eyes. In the end, he was forced to use the treasures.

After a fierce struggle within his heart subsided, the leader of the Divine Sect knew what must be done. He gritted his teeth and used his bodily movement skill to rush towards a hidden place in the headquarters of the Divine Sect.

A moment later, a large bang echoed through the quiet place.


A blade the size of a skyscraper burst forth from the secret place in the Divine Sect headquarters.

The blade emitted the light as bright as the sun. Thousands of blade auras filled the sky and everywhere in the world was brimming with a murderous aura.

"You are an intruder. Don't be rude in this sacred land, and get out now!"

The blade flickered and buzzed with power. Its light was eternal like starlight. It illuminated every conceivable corner of the universe.

Bang! Another sound was soon heard.

A bright flame then soared into the sky from the deepest area of the Divine Sect, scorching everything in space.

Hot waves swept through all directions. The flames were so scorching hot that both space and time were burnt to a crisp.

Amidst the terrifying sea of fire, a pea-sized red flame slowly rose from the Divine Sect's headquarters.

"That is the will of the Ancient Peace Agreement.

We, the members of the Divine Sect have always honored and dully abided by the Ancient Peace Agreement.

It must be an honest mistake.

I am aski

th and vigor of a true leader.

Austin underwent too much recently.

He could not help but feel tiredness start to sink in.

Throughout the whole universe, all conflict had basically been solved.

Austin was finally able to take a deep breath and relax.

All he wanted now was to return to his place and had a good rest.

Sitting close to Austin, Caroline, Ivy and Sue looked very happy.

They could feel the weight of Austin's tiredness

They decided to spend more time with him, to help relieve some of his fatigue.

Violet didn't bother to act shy and cute. She immediately sat beside Austin and kept bombarding him with questions.

She always put up an innocent, lively-girl facade in front of Austin.

After returning to the Immortal End World, Austin decided to travel around along with his three beautiful wives.

The four of them traveled the world while hiding their identity. They mingled and lived among the ordinary citizens, trying to enjoy a normal life for once.

One day, Austin received a voice message from Master Kevin. They seem to have found forces of both the underworld and the Divine Sect. However, their strength were meager. Kevin suspected that these troops were survivors of the war.

Austin ordered the Immortal End Alliance to gather a large enough army in order to clean the remaining forces of the underworld and the Divine Sect.

"Come and met me in the Celestial Palace."

A dozen days later, Austin was shocked when he received a voice message from Peterson the Taoist Ancestor.

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