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   Chapter 2884 The Power Of The Ancient Peace Agreement

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The leader of the Divine Sect decided to take action.

He stretched out a hand toward the universe ahead of him.

In the depths of the chaos outside all universes stood an old, small temple.

Inside it, an old yellow paper lay on a table among other sacrifices. The paper let out a furious roar.

"These idiots have the audacity to keep violating the Ancient Peace Agreement!"

A thick beam of colorful light shot out from the yellow paper. It transformed into the shape of a blade and flew into the distance.

This light beam was over ten times bigger than the previous one!

"Ancient Peace Agreement? Ha! How ridiculous. Let's see you take me on," the leader of the Divine Sect sneered defiantly.

He started smashing the space barrier between him and the universe ahead.

Almost instantly, a booming voice echoed.


A thick beam of colorful light came into view, heading straight for the leader of the Divine Sect.

The leader felt his blood run cold.

He could already sense the light was so powerful it could destroy anything in its path.

He stood frozen on the spot, his face indecipherable as he deliberated whether he could withstand the oncoming strike.

"The Ancient Peace Agreement has deployed another attack! And this seems much stronger than the previous one!"

At this development, fear spread even among the strongest cultivators of the various universes.

Their confidence sunk.

It was dawning on them how mistaken they had been to underestimate the Ancient Peace Agreement.

It was much more powerful than they could have ever imagined.

The leader of the Divine Sect immediately arrived at a decision. He turned around, disappearing into the chaotic void.

"The leader of the Divine Sect fled!"

All the masters who witnessed the scene were stunned.

They never thought he would ever turn tail like that. But then, at their distance, they had no idea how unnerv

even the Sect-protecting Array of the Divine Sect had reached its limit.

The leader of the Divine Sect was crestfallen, deeply regretting his actions. If he knew this would happen, he wouldn't have challenged the Ancient Peace Agreement.

He never imagined the Ancient Peace Agreement was this unforgiving.

A skinny elder with a walking stick appeared beside him.

"Sir, we must use the forbidden weapon and light the divine fire. Otherwise, we will not be able to survive this," the elder advised.

The leader of the Divine Sect turned to look at the speaker and was taken aback to see it was a superior elder, skin so wrinkled and tanned it was like tree bark.

He bowed respectfully in greeting.

Although he ruled the Divine Sect, the senior elders enjoyed more prestige and respect than he did.

Even he wouldn't dare offend them.

"Alas! You shouldn't have breached the Ancient Peace Agreement. Now we are in grave danger," the elder lectured.

A reproachful look flashed across his eyes.

The leader of the Divine Sect felt chastised by these words.

"I'm on it. Our sect has existed for a long time. I will not just watch it destroyed because of the Ancient Peace Agreement."

The leader of the Divine Sect gritted his teeth and reached a decision.

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