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   Chapter 2878 The Mysterious Colorful Light

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6828

Updated: 2020-05-01 02:13

The streak of colorful light shot out of the dilapidated temple, emerged from the depths of the chaos, and passed through various galaxies and universes at lightning speed.

It came to the edge of the universe where Austin was, tracking down the aura of the chief of the underworld.

A booming guffaw was ringing out in the air.

The chief's colossal hand was bearing down on Austin, already hovering right above his head.

The terrifying hand blazed with a twisting black light that ruined everything it touched.

Austin steeled himself against the impending strike, knowing resistance was futile. The gap between the chief's strength and his was too wide.

"Don't worry. You'll be fine."

The voice of Peterson the Taoist Ancestor suddenly spoke in Austin's Soul Sea.

Austin was not reassured. 'I'm dead, ' he thought woefully.

At that moment, outside the edge of the universe, an old voice, as if echoing from the past, bellowed, "Death to anyone who violates the Ancient Peace Agreement!"

The colorful light shot into view, slashing at the head of the chief of the underworld like a long and narrow machete.


The space within a billion miles around the chief began to tremble.

The light was powerful and dangerous, cutting through the air like lightning in the dark.

"What is this?!"

the chief snapped, stunned and angry at the interruption.

The streak of light was fast. The chief of the underworld and other powerful cultivators had not even noticed it coming.

It was not until it caused an explosion that they were finally alerted to its arrival.

The chief threw all his strength into trying to punch the light beam away.


Half of the chief's torso was sliced off, showering his sundered body in blood.

Thus, he screamed in agony. "What the hell are you?! Stop flitting about and get out!"

the chief roared with rage.

He only saw a streak of light attacking him, unaware of who was behind it.

The strong cultivators around were paralyzed with shock.

The chief's b

would be a big loss if it was destroyed.

But he soon found he could not escape like he had planned.

The colorful light broke through the chaos, crossed over to him, and was behind him in an instant.

"Fine! You want a fight? I'll give it to you!"

He had no other choice but to confront the light beam head on.

The ensuing battle made the energy in the area roll and surge.

It caused the already devastated terrain to collapse and dissipate.

But the skirmish lasted only an instant.

One strike later, the colorful light cut off the chief's head.

His screams reverberated through the space.

Black runes spread out from his body and scattered across the sky. The terrible law power blindly struck out at the colorful beam of light.

But these last-ditch efforts to fight back were in vain.


In the end, the avatar of the chief of the underworld turned into ashes.

This was the final straw for the frightened cultivators around them. One by one, they tapped into their bodily movement skills and left hurriedly.

The colorful light remained in the area only a brief moment more after the chief's defeat, just long enough for a voice to boom out of it.

"No one shall violate the Ancient Peace Agreement!"

With this, the light quivered in the air and finally disappeared.

It departed as mysteriously as it came.

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