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   Chapter 2876 The Ancient Peace Agreement (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5897

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"I never expected that Ervin would die in such a backward universe. That's really hard to believe. It's unacceptable!"

The avatar of the leader of the underworld remarked with such sorrow. He looked into the distance with a pair of cold eyes and a frozen gaze that seemed to have pierced the space between universes and into another remote world.

"We lost him. What a pity! He had been around me ever since he was a toddler. It's like I raised him. I know every tiny detail about him, from his childhood. He showed so much potential and I had a great ambition for him and the future he would bring to the underworld. Now, everything is gone. He died because of that human bastard. He must pay for Ervin's death with his own blood and I will make sure of it. And before he dies, I will enjoy watching him suffer,"

the avatar quietly murmured to himself. The pain in his threatening voice was enough to make anyone's blood run cold with fear. Grinding his teeth, he declared a promise to send Austin to his death.

Somewhere in the void nearby, a pair of terrifying eyes suddenly opened from their sleep. Each eye was as big as a star.

Around the pair of eyes was a sea of hissing and seething blood. It roared with dark pitched anger as tremendous horrible aura emanated from it.

"Buddy, are you seriously planning to take action? What's your plan then? You just break into that inferior universe and slaughter that human kid? But then what? Killing him is not a problem, but cleaning up the mess is. Aren't you afraid of what might happen if we broke that agreement?"

The pair of eyes asked the leader of the underworld.

"Several eras have passed. It has indeed been a long time! We have always honored that damned agreement. Not once did we eve

ulent. All the strong cultivators around him held their breaths in sheer silence while looking nervously in the same direction.

Boom! Rumbling noises were heard, thundering and echoing in all directions.

The gigantic hand emitted a formidable pressing aura and pierced through the space barrier between different universes with tremendous oppressive force. This caused several layers of the space barrier to blast into pieces.

Not long after, the gigantic hand finally appeared in that universe after successfully breaking through the many, various layers of the space barrier.

"Yes! It works! The agreement is no longer valid!"

Seeing the successful piercing of the space barriers using the huge hand, all the strong cultivators gave out wild cries of surprise, almost at the same time.

"Ha-ha! Ancient Peace Agreement, my ass! What a pile of horse shit! We have been deceived for so many years. It is just a piece of paper without any power nor influence."

"From now on, all the universes of different sizes shall be under our control. We shall be the gods of all the universes that are weaker than ours! They shall all be included in our territories!"

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