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   Chapter 2875 An Avatar

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"Release Prince Ervin right now!"

There were many men in black robes in the distance who shouted in unison. As soon as they spoke, they rushed towards Austin.

Those men were at the level of sect ancestors. Being Ervin's capable subordinates, they were there to save him.

None of them would think twice to do anything for Ervin, even if it meant to sacrifice themselves.


Austin concentrated with his mind deeply. Suddenly the Mysterious Magnetic Mountain appeared and flew forward. Hanging in the air, it created dazzling mysterious magnetic fields that spread far and wide.

The moment they were hit by the mysterious magnetic fields, the black-robed men exploded, one after another.

Flesh and blood splashed around and the stench filled the air.

The Mysterious Magnetic Mountain had the power to destroy golden immortals. Those men in black had no chance as they were just at the sect ancestor's level.

In a flash, most of the men, dressed in black robes, were killed.

"Austin, perhaps you have no idea who I am! I'm Prince Ervin from the underworld. It's very wrong for you to treat me this way!

I'm warning you. It will be better for you if you put me down and set me free right now!" Ervin said in a commanding manner. Though he was terrified, he could not allow it to be seen.

He was a man of noble blood, so it was typical of him to talk to others in that commanding manner. He always regarded himself superior to others.

"Hey man! It doesn't matter to me who you are! You're dead meat today anyway,"

Austin said with a sinister, playful look in his eyes.

"You scum! How dare you! Keep in mind that the underworld will never let you go, if you take my life!" Ervin snarled.

He had never been threatened by anyone earlier. But hearing those words from Austin made his blood boil in fury.

Austin had made up his mind. And he hated it when anyone threatened or degraded him. Before Ervin could speak any more insulting words, Austin made his move. He crushed the haughty Ervin to pieces.

Then Austin kept Ervin's spiritual soul hanging mid-air.

Losing his body had completely baffled Ervin.

He was in so much pain that he couldn't help but scream vehemently.

"Brat! Set Ervin free now."


passage. Then he got into the passage and continued his journey. He seemed arrogant and domineering.

After a while, the giant appeared on the verge of the universe where Austin stood. The figure's eyes were as big as a star.

The giant was incredibly strong. The moment he shook his head, it caused the space around him to collapse. Black cracks appeared all around.

After that, he started emitting an overbearing aura that spread out in the air.

Perceiving the aura, all the creatures at different places were scared to death. They knelt down against their will and trembled with fear.

"Oh no! It's the leader of the underworld!

I can't believe he left the underworld. Where is he going now? What is he going to do?"

"How is it possible? What has made him leave the underworld?

Did something earth-shattering happen?"

Many masters, who were around, identified the giant with the use of their spiritual sense. They had no idea what the leader of the underworld was up to. They had not seen him appear unless something really bad was to happen.

"No! It's just his avatar!"

Soon, some of them were able to comprehend that it was just an avatar of the leader of the underworld.

"Now that his avatar has left the underworld, something amazing must have happened,"

one of the great masters speculated.

The avatar of the underworld's leader had set his eyes on Austin using his spiritual sense.

Each of his eyes was as big as a sun. And they seemed to be fixed on Austin!

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