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   Chapter 2873 You Are Safe

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7187

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Austin hid the treasures left behind by Gore after he had killed him. Austin then released his spiritual sense to explore all of the universe.

The Heavenly Majestic Pot was still in a fierce battle against the six golden immortals of the Divine Sect.

The divine powers of the golden immortals forced the Heavenly Majestic Pot to step back, one step after another, but Austin believed that it could still hold its own against its powerful opponents at least for a while.

After all, the Heavenly Majestic Pot once had a very high cultivation level. Although its power had regressed, it still possessed the secret skills and nature laws that made it powerful before. It still was a force to be reckon with.

"Well, you'll be my next target!"

With his powerful spiritual sense, Austin found the tall, thin golden immortal of the Divine Sect.

The gluttonous golden immortal was using his secret skill to devour the flesh and blood of every creature in a certain world to satisfy his never ending hunger.

Miserable cries echoed all over the world as creatures were being killed off one by one.

Meanwhile on the other side of the universe, Ervin and Commander Graves of the underworld were leading their army to wreak havoc on the star cluster and slaughter countless people.

Austin fixed his spiritual sense on the golden immortal and then used his Omnipotent Lightness to rush over.

With the improvement of his cultivation level, Austin's Omnipotent Lightness was much faster than before.

At the same time, he used the Aura Disguising Skill to conceal his presence as he traveled the universe at lightning-fast speed.

A moment later, Austin entered the world where the golden immortal was staying.

"Ha-ha! What a wise decision to come to this universe!

This place is teeming with flesh and blood. After I consume them, my skill will definitely improve to a higher level.

Then, no one at the Golden Immortal Realm could match my strength!"

The golden immortal was madly devouring the flesh and blood of billions of creatures left and right, letting out a cynical laugh as he bathed in the blood of those he had mass

us Magnetic Mountain and the nine drops of Celestial Star Water, he was unable to move. He suffered a series of heavy blows from Austin.

He did not remember how many creatures' flesh and blood that he had devoured in his life, but facing death was the first time he truly felt scared.

He still wanted to live!

However, Austin wouldn't let go of him.


The head of the golden immortal was smashed into pieces along with his spiritual soul by the Mysterious Magnetic Mountain.

"Look! That demon is dead! He has been killed!"

"It seems that we have been saved!"

"That man seems to be Leader Austin of the Immortal End World!"

"Yes, that is none other than Leader Austin. I've seen him once before!"

The surviving creatures began to shout and cheer upon seeing that Austin had killed the golden immortal.

All creatures cried with joy.

"That is indeed Leader Austin!"

"Come on, let's go over to thank Austin. He is the savior of our world!"

Those remaining cultivators flew up into the air and came over to Austin one by one.

"Thank you for saving my life, Leader Austin!"

One by one, they knelt down in the air and looked at Austin with unbound gratefulness.

"Please get up.

You are safe now, and you can start to rebuild your home.

From now on, there will be a peaceful time ahead in this universe."

Austin comforted these survivor in a soft voice as tenderly as he could.

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