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   Chapter 2871 Start With The Strongest

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7932

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There wasn't a snowball's chance in hell that Austin was going to let Elder Read walk out of this fight alive.

He delivered another punch at the elder from afar and his attack was so powerful it made the very space they fought in crumble into dust.

In the blink of an eye, a cloud of blood burst forth where his body used to stand.

Even his spiritual soul was the only thing left of him, Elder Read was still caught in the grasp of Austin's hand.

"Please! Spare me!"

An agonized cry left Elder Read as he screamed in complete terror and helplessness.

"I told you that I'd crush you into pieces myself," Austin impassively said as he looked down at the desperate master.

With a careless clenched of his fist, he thoroughly crushed his captive's spiritual soul.

"So cruel and so bold! You dared to lay a hand on our people!"

Terror pumped through Elder Orlando as he turned around in an attempt to run away, his will to fight crushed by the show of boundless power.

A defiant smile bloomed on Austin's lips as he strode towards Elder Orlando and split him into bloody halves with just a single strike of his palm.


Elder Orlando's scream of pain and terror echoed far into the void.

Austin reached out his hand that covered the sky and seized the bloody pieces of the elder's broken body.

"This can't be... You just became a genuine immortal! How could you be this powerful?!"

Elder Orlando choked out, shock coloring the terror in his face.

Even though they were at the same level, Austin's power was beyond anything he could imagine.

'My master was right about the Mysterious Magnetic Mountain; my fighting power increased a lot, '

Austin gleefully thought to himself.

"Go to hell!"

was what left Austin's lips as he icily looked down at Elder Orlando's broken form.

"No! No... no..." Elder Orlando desperately struggled as he was unwilling to accept the result of their fight.

Since he was a genuine immortal, he thought that no one in this universe could possibly put up a fight against him, but here he was, broken and dying.

Without any hesitation, Austin crushed his soul and made certain that he stayed dead.

Once he disposed of the two elders of the Divine Sect, Austin poured over their belongings and took away all their treasures and anything that had value.

There was no doubt that

the world was collapsing within itself and approaching its end.

Countless creatures ran around like headless chickens, screaming for their lives as if someone would come to save them.


"I will die with you!"

Strong cultivators soared into the sky one after the other with their weapons raised.

It didn't take a blink for the overwhelming corpse miasma to cover the sun and rush towards them.

Shrouded by the powerful corpse miasma, the masters all screamed in pain and dropped to the ground like falling stars.

"These weaklings are quite interesting..."

Excitement filled Gore's eyes as he looked down at the innocent's suffering as they desperately struggled and resisted.

After the cold words left his lips, he stretched his hand out to the world.

Pitch black runes appeared from his gigantic hand.

Wherever he pointed his hand violent explosions bloomed like deadly flowers and clouds of energy soared through the air one after the other.

"The universe is out to destroy our world!"

Despair filled all the creatures as all they could do was kneel on the ground, trembling in fear of their approaching deaths.

Austin prowled closer to Gore.

'You son of a bitch, you're doomed!'

Austin cursed as he saw how Gore slayed innocent creatures.


Gore abruptly paused his actions and glanced around him, seemingly sensing something amiss.

He sensed Austin's strong killing intent.

'Now's my chance!' Austin thought.

With a flick of his hand, he summoned the Mysterious Magnetic Mountain and aimed at Gore's head.

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