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   Chapter 2870 Merging (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6129

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Proud with his achievement, Peterson the Taoist Ancestor guffawed as he recounted his adventure.

'The Omnipotent Immortal Stone and the Flower of Law!'

The elders of the Divine Sect mentally exclaimed. They couldn't find the right words to say. They were extremely bewildered at the mere thought of those rare items.

Both of the two things were precious treasures. No matter who got the two treasures, he would achieve faster process in his cultivation of martial arts!

"Take the treasures!"

Their avarice for the two treasures had driven them mad. The two elders attacked Austin like crazed individuals.

"Humph! Do not even think about it!"

Sensing their selfish intentions, Princess Gracie smirked. She stepped forward, and thousands of streams of white light formed under her delicate feet. The lights attacked the elders like a shower of lightning.

"Bitch, get out of our way, or I swear I will kill you myself!"

Angered, they warded off the princess with the best of their ability and rushed towards Austin.

"Let's help him refine the treasures."

Peterson the Taoist Ancestor shifted his gaze towards the skinny old man and made a proposition.

Concurrently, they pointed at Austin's direction.

The Omnipotent Immortal Stone and the Flower of Law shone with dazzling light and rushed into Austin's body simultaneously.

Austin felt his body tremble violently. As he ingested the precious treasures, his body began to change and transform rapidly. The sense of trembling deepened into his flesh, blood, bones, energy meridians, internal organs, Soul Sea, spiritual soul, and every bit of his cells. A drastic alteration was happening inside his body.

All kinds of profound laws of nature began to reveal in the air. They changed into countless chains of divine light, flew towards Austin's bo

nd rude? Do you think you can defeat us just because of it?"

When they heard Princess Gracie's smug remarks, they couldn't help but be annoyed. They had never regarded themselves to be reduced to such a miserable circumstance of being others' punching bag for their practice.

However, their faces immediately drained all blood as soon as Austin started to attack. He reached out one hand towards them and tried to grab them.

Silver light poured out of Austin's body. The Mysterious Magnetic Mountain made him emit such tremendous power.

There were persistent noises pervading the air.

The space around also kept on exploding along with Austin's attacks.

The two elders of the Divine Sect found that they were immobilized in their position.

An incredible and powerful force surged and tightly squeezed the bodies of the two elders.

Then, all of a sudden, a splattering sound was heard.

One of Elder Read's arms was torn off by Austin. An attack from Austin's hand immediately followed, which smashed half of his body into pieces.


For just a few seconds, Elder Orlando's eyes widened in surprise as he saw the other elder being ripped into pieces. He let out a shrill cry and ran away.

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