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   Chapter 2869 Merging (Part One)

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"He actually made a breakthrough and reached the level of the genuine immortal!"

The two elders of the Divine Sect who witnessed Austin had their mouth agape, both impressed and dumbfounded that Austin had managed to succeed.

They thought that Austin hadn't accumulated enough experience and skills for that level. Under such a circumstance, enforcing himself to break through to the genuine immortal level was tantamount to committing suicide.

Apart from it, they both thought that Austin was too young to attain such a high level. Cultivators at the genuine immortal level were rare even in the Immortal World, much less in this inferior universe.

Despite all this, Austin proved them wrong. He displayed his power in front of them—it was an appalling sight to behold. It was so frightening that it even made the heaven and earth tremble. He bathed in the Thunderstroke Doom and accomplished his breakthrough successfully.

"Genius! A born martial arts freak!"

The elders from the Divine Sect formulated no thoughts in their brains other than to register that they were in awe of the person before them.

"Fantastic! It seems that we have picked up the right person!"

The old skinny man and Peterson the Taoist Ancestor, laughed heartily. They couldn't help but feel pride swell in their hearts.

"Austin is so remarkable when it comes to marital arts. Still, he is too young and we trigger this breakthrough for him by force. It might do him harm to some extent by not following the natural course. I must do something to help him with that. I'll give him something to help him get a more solid cultivation base!"

The old man pointed his fingers towards Austin inside the chaotic void.


With a thunderous noise, a golden stone statue that was half a meter high rushed through the chaotic

?" Flabbergasted, the elders were once again taken aback with this rare treasure.

"The Flower of Law is born with the great philosophy of nature and nourished with various kinds of supreme laws. Cultivators can merge it into their spiritual soul. With that flower in the spiritual soul, anybody can easily apprehended the laws of nature as if they were helped by god."

Spellbound with its beauty, the elders from the Divine Sect couldn't peel their eyes off the mystical flower.

They weren't very fluent in terms of martial arts, but they came from the Divine Sect, an ancient great force in an advanced universe. Naturally, they would be familiar about the rare treasures in many universes.

"Peterson, I didn't realize you actually have the Flower of Law! No you didn't! Is this the thing you obtained when you risked your life in the Devilish Pond many years back?"

Like the rest of them, the skinny old man was just as stunned.

"Yes, it is.

That was a hard journey, old man. There were more than ten senior cultivators like me entering that hell-like place in search of it. But I'm the only one who found it in the end. Must be luck, right? It looks like I'm the best cultivator among them!"

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