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   Chapter 2868 He Made It

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Austin pushed the Omnipotent Lightness to its limit as he moved at the fastest speed possible.

In just an hour, he arrived outside the small world where the Celestial Palace was located.

A huge altar welcomed him and Austin couldn't help but eye it in suspicion. He had no idea when the altar appeared in this world.

Runes danced around the air like snowflakes and the altar shone with the brilliant glow of immortals.

Uncountable rare birds and other strange animals emerged around the altar, some of them ran, some soared, and some reared their heads as they let out echoing roars.

In the sky above was a sea of unending thunder and blinding flashes of lightning. A horrifying aura of destruction spread far and wide, making people's hair stand on end.

Things that were part of daily life were all displayed on the altar, from mountains, rivers, lands, all living creatures, to their mortal lives and even airy pavilions and pagodas.

The most impressive thing was the hundreds of millions of thunder-shaped creatures who stood in the very front of the altar with weapons coldly shining in their hands. Each wore an expression suited for those who thirst for war.

"Go to the altar now! Prepare for your vital energy shower!"

Peterson's voice echoed in the air like the ring of a huge bell.

A frozen Austin could only stay rooted where he was as he scanned the altar and all of its dangers once again, his blood felt like ice within his veins.

He could only imagine what fierce battle awaited him once set foot on the altar and it was enough to make his hair rise on end.

The thunder sea and each of the thunder-shaped creature was a transformed rule of heaven and earth, triggered by the powerful measures of Peterson and the skinny old man. They showed up ready to cause chaos.

Austin's teeth gritted against each other as he forced himself to take a deep breath. Before he could change his mind, he dove towards the altar.

"Game on!"

Even though both Peterson and the skinny old man were powerful beings, they could only narrow their eyes while waiting in anticipation as they were both reduced to nervous wrecks.

Just like a moth that went too close to the flame, Austin was putting himself in great danger just by entering the altar.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

In just a fraction of a second, a bloody show has begun.

Tempestuous waves rose from the sea of thunder while the hundreds of millions of thunder-shaped creatures rushed down from the sky and ran towards Austin like starving predators.


Austin was ready to risk everything just for a chance.

There was no other option for him but to take a risk.

No effort was spared as Austin pulled out every card he had up his sleeve, including the Eye of the Ghostdom A

with just his current cultivation and accumulation. Someone must be behind him and giving him a hand!

It has to be that remaining soul of Peterson, the Taoist Ancestor!"

Barely a moment passed before the two elders completely understood the situation.

"Let's go and divert his attention!

In this life or death tribulation, a slight distraction will cost him his life.

That's what we should do!"

Elder Read and Elder Orlando exchanged glances and flashed a nasty sneer at each other.

They moved swiftly towards the altar under the heaven.

"Hm... how dare you?" A booming voice broke through the silence.

A delicate figure stood in their way before the two of them even got close to the altar.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Tens of thousands of thin snow-white ribbons rained down on the two elders.

Princess Gracie stood in their path with a deep frown.

"It's you!"

Their expression changed when they realized who was in front of them.

They fought with Princess Gracie before and knew how strong she was.


Momentum on the altar was becoming greater by the second and Austin desperately fought with his life. His body broke into pieces time and time again but fused together just as many times. His hair gracefully danced in the wind but his eyes turned even more determined each time he was reborn. Giving up was the least of his thoughts.


In the end, he rushed up into the sky and broke through the road of heaven and earth, creating a piece of bright sky within the thunder sea.

Just like a god, Austin was magnificent and brilliant as he hovered in the air.

Everyone in the world could only stare in shocked awe at that moment.

All trace of fighting on the altar was wiped away as if it had never existed at all.

"He did it!"

Peterson and the skinny old shouted at the same time.

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