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   Chapter 2867 The Vital Energy Shower

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"I have a way to help Austin break through and reach the Genuine Immortal Realm soon,"

said the skinny old man in the depths of the chaotic void.

"Is there really a way to help Austin break through to the Genuine Immortal Realm? Are you sure?

Would it be too risky?" Peterson the Taoist Ancestor shockingly asked.

Even he, someone who was knowledgeable, had never heard of such a way. Thus, he couldn't help but be surprised by the revelation.

"Yes, there is a way. The Breakthrough Platform can be found in that ancient and mysterious planet. There, he needs to take a vital energy shower from the Platform.

However, in order to ensure the highest probability of success, we need to use five natural vessels of immortal energy,"

the old man added.

"Take a vital energy shower? The method is originated from the Earth?" Peterson blurted out.

He couldn't help but feel doubtful of the plan after hearing the method actually came from the Earth.

The old man nodded.

"How likely is he to succeed?"

asked Peterson.

"Fifty percent. Maybe even lower,"

the old man answered honestly.

"It's risky.

It will be a marvelous feat to level up from the sect ancestor level to the Genuine Immortal Realm.

The progress is only one step away. But that step has to cover the distance from heaven to earth.

Once he makes it, he will be able to set foot on the path to real immortality.

If he fails, he will certainly die!"

Peterson was very worried.

"It is indeed very risky... But this method can help him break through to a new realm quickly and survive the current crisis.

Nobody knows how long it will take for him to reach the Genuine Immortal Realm.

I recently heard there are countless forces in the universe paying close attention to the Earth. I am guessing something significant will happen very soon.

I'm afraid I have to leave very soon.

Thus, it is necessary to help him grow stronger while I still can.

Well, you can ask Austin about it and let him make the decision,"

said the old man.


Eventually, Peterson gritted his teeth and nodded.

At the same time in the starry sky, Austin was dashing towards the Immortal End World with the skill of Omnipotent Lightness.

"Austin, are you going back to your Immortal End World?

Well, that's good! The two of us will go with you to the Immortal End World and destroy it."

Behind him, Elder Read of the Divine Sect sneered.

Austin had made great progress in the Omnipotent Lightness. Thus, for a while, the two

turned around and headed towards the direction of the Celestial Palace.

The moment Austin left, the two elders from the Divine Sect had reached the starry sky outside the Immortal End World.

"This is the Immortal End World, right?"

Elder Read sneered and looked at the world in front of them.

"Destroy it."

Elder Orlando immediately attacked. One of his giant hands immediately shot towards the world.

His big hand was powerful and overwhelming; soon, dazzling runes rose up, stirring up the sky.

However, the dome protecting the Immortal End World began to glow, and layers of energy ripples spread out.


Elder Orlando's big hand slammed on to the dome. The two collided and erupted a terrible shock wave of energy.

"It seems the energy defense layer was set up by several genuine immortals!"

The two elders from the Divine Sect were a bit surprised.

Since they were also genuine immortals, it was difficult for them to break the defense layers set up by several genuine immortals in a short time.

While they were preoccupied, Austin had already gone far toward the starry sky.

"Chase Austin first! The Immortal End World is stuck here and won't escape."

The two elders looked at each other and immediately made their decision.

The two started their bodily movement skills and chased after Austin.

Austin breathed a sigh of relief as he saw that they were chasing him.

He had been afraid that the two elders would break into the Immortal End World by force and destroy it completely.

It could be imagined that once the two of them broke into the world, the Immortal End Continent would surely be obliterated off the face of the universe.

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