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   Chapter 2865 Tragic Day In The Universe

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 9888

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A moment later, all corpse soldiers gathered at the Black Hell City.

With various black weapons in their hands, countless groups of soldiers began pouring out of the city. They marched forward with only one goal in their minds. No signs of emotion or hesitation could be found in their eyes.

Ervin and Commander Graves led the horde. Over five hundred black-robed men acting as leaders of each corpse soldier company stood behind Ervin.

"This time, we are going to wipe out the entire universe and all their corpses will be ours," Ervin stated confidently as he looked into the starry sky.

He stood on a flaming black chariot at the frontlines of the whole undead army.

"Don't worry about this hunting. I shall eliminate everything that comes in our way," Gore assured him.

His low and booming voice echoed throughout the Tomb Star Cluster.

He was a gigantic creature standing several hundred thousand feet tall with bloodthirsty eyes. Bolts of lightning were formed and shot out from his eyes from time to time.

They had one goal—to slaughter as many creatures as they could in the backward universe, collect their corpses, and refine them as their fearless undead soldiers.

This time, the leader of the underworld had sent Gore to this universe for two main reasons. First was to catch Princess Gracie, and the second was to assist Ervin in completing this hunting mission.

"I appreciate your service, sir!"

Ervin replied as he lightly bowed to express his gratitude.

Gore nodded in response and quickly jumped forward.

In a blink of an eye, he reached the depths of the universe.

There, he began to dash.

His speed was amazingly fast for his enormous size. He could run hundreds of thousands of miles per second.

In fact, creatures with a low cultivation base could not even capture his movement.

As Gore rushed forward without resting, the entire universe trembled violently.

Countless creatures were extremely frightened as they wondered what was happening.

A few moments later, Gore had reached the headquarters of the Universal Allied Army in the Fighting Star Cluster.

"Tch. This is the Universal Allied Army? A measly mob of nobodies dares to go against us?" Gore snorted in disdain as he stared at tents of the Universal Allied Army.

In his fury, he released a flash of blood-colored lightning from his enormous eyes.

Recently, the corpse soldiers had not shown up in the universe so the allied army had slightly lowered their defenses. Nonetheless, a great number of masters and soldiers still guarded the headquarters in case of sudden attacks.

Gore started stretching out his huge hands.

The location of the headquarters of the Universal Allied Army began shaking violently.

Fissures appeared on the ground and a devastating corpse miasma enveloped the entire headquarters.

Countless creatures ran and tried to escape as fast as they could.

But no one managed to get awa

seven golden immortals from the Divine Sect.

They were in the star cluster where the branch of the Divine Sect was located.

Due to the long vicious fight, the place was so distorted that there was nothing left except for the space fragments scattered everywhere.

The place had turned into a chaotic battlefield.

The Heavenly Majestic Pot had kept its opponents here as it didn't want to destroy more places.

It was fully aware that at the peak of its battle with the golden immortals from the Divine Sect, any place could turn into shambles.

Since Austin was its new master now, it considered what Austin would probably do given the situation.

It was a given that Austin would certainly not want to see the universe he lived destroyed during intense battles.

Therefore, it tried to control the battlefield within the area of tens of millions of miles. At times, both sides would even fight in the chaotic void.

One of the seven golden immortals, a thin and tall man, suddenly burst into laughter. His blood-colored teeth could be seen as he cracked up loudly.

"I can't believe that Gore is here. It looks like this universe will be finished even without us doing anything.

Guys, you play some more with this pot. I am going to absorb some fresh blood and flesh somewhere. Otherwise, all the creatures would be slaughtered by the army of the underworld before I even get some," he said flatly to his companions.

Without even waiting for their response, he took a stride and vanished into thin air.

The seven golden immortals had already gained the upper hand against the Heavenly Majestic Pot. Even without him, the other golden immortals could still handle the battle just the same.

After a few moments, the tall and thin golden immortal broke into one of the nearby worlds.

He suddenly opened his mouth and lots of creatures in the vicinity exploded. Their flesh and blood were gathered together and flew straight to his mouth.

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