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   Chapter 2864 Flee For Life

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Austin dashed several million miles far away from the universe where the Divine Sect was situated. After confirming he was safe, he turned around and detected the situation at the Divine Sect through his spiritual sense. Then, he found the sky there which used to be etched with bright stars had now disappeared, leaving only an endless dark vacuum in its place.

On that vast star cluster, there used to be many suns, moons and stars, and some of the stars were even home to living creatures.

Now the big explosion had destroyed all the things in that star cluster.

There was nothing left in the branch of the Divine Sect where used to have a lot of undulating palace buildings. Everything there was destroyed.

But unfortunately, this wasn't the most terrifying fact about the disaster that had struck. The horrible explosion had not stopped yet. It was still spreading in every direction in the universe like an unstoppable ripple of energy.

Austin's didn't attempt to hide his astonishment, but he didn't have time to take it all in. He simply turned around and continued flying towards the starry sky that was visible in the distance.

Austin did not stop again until he was more than ten million miles away from the headquarters of the Divine Sect.

When he looked back, Austin was positive that he could still clearly feel that there was a terrifying wave of energy that was faintly spreading around from the headquarters of the Divine Sect.

"Is this the battle of the golden immortals?"

Austin was overcome by a sense of awe.


As Austin was sighing, a giant hand covered in red scales came from the distant starry sky all of a sudden. It was moving towards him with an astonishing velocity.

Fortunately for Austin, he had a strong spiritual sense force. He sensed the approaching attack in an instant. By exercising the skill of the Omnipotent Lightness to the extreme extent, he dodged the assault right on time.

The space that had endured the punch of the fiery red palm shattered on the spot and a huge space black hole appeared.

"Huh, not bad at all!

You are still so young, but your fighting skills are really something to behold."

Not far away, two elders of the Divine Sect stepped out of the void and looked at Austin with contempt.

Seven golden immortals of the Divine Sect were engaged in a fierce battle with the Heavenly Majestic Pot, while the two elders followed Austin quietly and launched a sneak attack against him.

"Austin, you destroyed this branch of our Divine Sect. Go to hell now!"

The two elders intended to kill Austin no matter what.

This brat from the inferior universe had dared to destroy a branch of the Divine Sect with his group of puny friends. If the news were to spread, it would ca

s body could be quickly restored.

Those enabled Austin to escape at every critical moment.

Moreover, in such a desperate situation, Austin realized that his Omnipotent Lightness had made faint progress in speed and flexibility.

"Damn it! How is he escaping every single time?"

The two elders were infuriated by Austin's repeated escapes. They roared furiously at their own failure to finish him off.

At the same time, in the Black Hell City of the Tomb Star Cluster, suddenly, black light became dazzling, creating a space-time transmission channel on an old and dark space-time transmission altar.

A figure as tall as a demon suddenly stepped out of the tunnel and stood at the altar.

It was a tall and strong man. His long and messy hair fell carelessly across his face, making it hard to see his features clearly.

His body took on a dark color, surrounded by a strong corpse miasma. His pair of eyes that were hidden under his messy hair flashed bloody lights which made them look very horrifying.

"Sir Gore! Finally, you showed up!"

Ervin and Commander Graves had been standing guard at the altar. When they saw the tall man appear, they all breathed a long sigh of relief and rushed over to salute in excitement.

The underworld had spent a lot of resources and manpower to teleport Gore from the underworld to this universe secretly.

"From now on, all the corpse soldiers will go to sweep up the universe and kill all the creatures. No lives shall be spared!"

the tall man called Gore, snarled as he raised his head slowly. Streaks of thick blood-red lightning constantly flashed out of his eyes, shaking the space surrounding them.


Sir Gore, now that you are here to help us, we will be able to easily defeat all our enemies and rule the universe!"

Ervin cheered, imagining his own triumph.

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