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   Chapter 2863 The Battle To Destroy The Universe

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10404

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As the small boat on the altar became clearer by the second, they were greeted by the sight of seven shadows who glowed with great immortal radiance huddled together on the small boat.

Each of them looked filled with unimaginable power with the aura capable of conquering the universe!

"We made it! We finally arrived!"

one of the crew excitedly declared. He was a handsome man with a mellow voice that contained some kind of Taoist charm.

"The Space Ship lives up to its legend! I kept on thinking that we'd be welcomed by a counterattack from the Ancient Peace Agreement. I didn't expect everything to be so easy and smooth."

A stout man among them praised as he looked at the small boat gently swaying beneath his feet.

"Of course! The Space Ship is the most precious treasure of the Space Sect. They're not well renowned for nothing,"

a man in a golden robe calmly proclaimed.

The man in the golden robe looked like he was in his early thirties. He was cloaked in a majestic aura and his hands were politely clasped behind his back and his eyes were both as sharp as an eagle's.

It was obvious that he was the strongest among the seven men and was their leader in their quest.

As one, the seven men cloaked in dazzling divine light buckled down and jumped off the Space Ship.


The Space Ship turned into a beam of divine light, breaking through the space around it and diving into the void.

"Our sect leader will send the Space Ship to pick us up when it's time for us to return, right? Otherwise, it would be really risky and tiresome to cross the boundless chaotic void to get back,"

asked the stout man as he worriedly squinted at the direction the Space Ship disappeared in.

"Don't worry about it. It wasn't easy for our sect leader to borrow the Space Ship. He's just being extremely cautious and won't let it stay here for too long.

The sect leader will surely send the Space Ship to pick us up when it's time to return,"

replied the man in the golden robe.

"It's nice to see you, seven great masters! We're all pleased to greet you! You are all most welcome!"

While the seven men were talking, Elder Read and Elder Orlando watched them in fascination from the altar and excitedly rushed over to show their respect to the seven people.

"Masters, the current situation's critical. Unexpectedly, the Heavenly Majestic Pot has betrayed our Divine Sect. It is working with a human boy named Austin to destroy the branch of the Divine Sect in this universe!"

Elder Read anxiously reported.

"Has the Heavenly Majestic Pot really betrayed us? !"

Shock filled the seven golden immortals at the unexpected news.

"You two bastards are here! I've finally found you!"

A loud roar that echoed even when it was from far away startled them. When they turned to where the noise came from, they were greeted by a treasure pod rushing through the air towards them.

"The seven golden immortals...

I didn't expect that the so-called sect leader would be willing to pay a heavy price just to send seven golden immortals into this universe. Isn


"If you don't want your men to die, immediately ask them to back ten million miles away!

You all had better run to the edge of the universe and find a secret place to hide into.

It's hard to tell when our fight will end or how far we'll go."

A voice message by spiritual sense from the Heavenly Majestic Pot filled Austin's mind.

"Are you kidding me? The fight would be that powerful?!"

The suggestion blew Austin's mind away.

After the question left him, he heard a boom loud enough to wake the dead the very next moment.


Between the powerful seven golden immortals and the Heavenly Majestic Pot, they made the surrounding space and time begin collapsing from inside out because of their fierce fight and powerful skills.

The sky that housed the Divine Sect began to break into pieces and disintegrate!

Even Austin was startled at what he saw and immediately activated the Omnipotent Lightness and rushed towards the people of the Immortal End Alliance. Everywhere he went, he grabbed onto his people and dropped them into the Slave Tower.

In just a few moments, Austin transferred all the members of the Immortal End Alliance into the Slave Tower as he pushed his speed with all his might.

Once he was certain that he got everyone, Austin escaped to the distant sky as fast as he could.

"You're just onlookers. If you don't want to die, immediately get out of this place!"

Austin bellowed to the creatures who gathered together to watch the fight before he even left the battlefield.

Behind him were explosions bigger than the ones before and the sounds filled everyone who saw with deep fear. Everything, including time and the very fabric of space, exploded until only the boundless black vacuum and the frantically blowing space windstorm were left.

"Oh my God!"

All the creatures pushed against each other as they desperately fled and they even hated that they couldn't run away quickly enough.

Some of them weren't granted time to escape and were blasted into bloody pieces that colored the fractured sky.

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