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   Chapter 2860 His Wives Are Fierce (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5998

Updated: 2020-04-30 00:12

As soon as you step foot on our territory, you have sealed off your chance of going back alive!"

the man in purple said in a trembling voice. Malicious killing intent was so evident in every word that came out of his mouth.

Then, he took out a jade slip to send out a voice message.

It was for the two elders who had been sent to deal with Princess Gracie. He wanted to ask them when they would be coming back to the headquarters.

The Divine Sect secretly manufactured this useful kind of jade slip which could send a voice message over a very long distance.

After a short while, the man in purple received a response from the two elders.

"We will come back to the headquarters soon enough. Let's talk about it after we have arrived,"

they answered with a simple reply without any update on their side.

'It seems that the elders have successfully caught Princess Gracie in the Celestial Palace. That's good.

Ha-ha! Come as soon as you can, Austin. As long as the two elders come back, even if you multiply yourself by a hundred, you'll still be slaughtered easily!'

The man in purple burst out in boisterous laughter. He quickly ordered his army to prepare for the arrival of the Immortal End Alliance.

In the outer space outside the Immortal End World, Austin raised his hand and all the members of the Immortal End Alliance immediately ceased all noise.

At this moment, his three wives were still fighting against the master of the Divine Sect.

After acquiring the inheritance of the Evil Ancestor, Caroline had practiced a few powerful secret skills of their evil shadow race. She now turned into a faint, gray shadow, moving in unpredictable and rapid motion. With the cooperation of the Evil God, her fighting was more intense and terrifying.

On the o

e near future!"

Sue waved her fist at Austin with a defiant expression.

Ivy did not say anything but she also had a wrinkled forehead and eager eyes showing that she strongly agreed with the two girls.


Did I say something wrong?"

Austin was dumbfounded at their defiant attitudes.

The members of the Immortal End Alliance tried to hold back their laughter as they heard the conversation of the mighty Austin and his wives.

'Looks like Leader Austin also gets awed by his wives sometimes. They're really fierce though.'

Most of them smiled at the thought.

"Hey, what are you talking about? How can you become stronger than master? That's impossible!

Master is the most powerful. That's for sure."

Only Violet supported Austin at this point.

"E-Ehem. Well, let's go to the headquarters of the Divine Sect at once."

Austin looked a bit embarrassed and made an effort to quickly change the topic. With a wave of his hand, he led the way to the Divine Sect's headquarters.

Without any more ado, the whole army of the Immortal End Alliance rushed towards the headquarters of the Divine Sect, hungry for battle and yearning for their total destruction.

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