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   Chapter 2800 The World Of Omnipotent Herbs

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From the traces left, it could be seen that fierce fighting had broken out across the small world.

The omnipotent herb race wasn't really known for their fighting prowess. They tended to be weaker than beings from other races.

But there were several among them who have lived long enough to gain expertise.

After their many years of accumulation of experience and cultivation, they could no longer be considered inferior fighters.

"The chief must be hiding in the ancestral temple with the others.

Over there!"

Rosie said, pointing the direction.

Austin used his spiritual sense to explore the area. He found a peculiarly-shaped temple smack in the middle of a vast plain.

After a few moments of observation, he realized the temple resembled an old ginseng root.

At that moment, the temple was surrounded by a flood of troops.

This army laying siege to the temple was the Universal Allied Army.

Austin used the bodily movement skill, and in one step emerged near the temple. He then used his Aura Disguising Skill to hide himself.

At this point, he was alone, having earlier transported Rosie and the others to the Slave Tower.

Austin's spiritual sense now detected the presence of the leaders of the Heavenly Palace, the Yaksha Palace, and other top masters nearby.

Truly, this world of omnipotent herbs proved irresistible to any cultivator.

This was because the world had several old omnipotent herbs who had lived for generations.

Their value was immeasurable and unparalleled.

At the moment, a mocking voice was speaking, his laughter ringing out. "Oh, you grumpy, stubborn old man! Don't even try putting up a fight.

If you're so omniscient, you should know it would be best for you to just surrender.

Come out now or I'll be forced to tear down your stupid temple!"

The voice came from a middle-aged man with a terrifying sword radiance around his body.

Austin was struck by a flash of recognition. 'That's the leader of the Sword Palace!'

He gritted his teeth and stared daggers at the man who continued to guffaw obnoxiously.

This man, after all, was Austin's sworn enemy. Austin could never forgive him for slaughtering millions of innocents in the Central World.


The Sword Palace leader paused, appearing to have sensed something unusual.

He was picking up on a hostile presence. He instantly released his spiritual sense to scan the area where Austin was posit

nce would also mean a complete loss for their enemies.

"It shall be done,"

each one of them vowed, resolutely.

The old leader's heart broke with helplessness as he stared sadly at his people.

There were so many strong masters outside, intent on capturing them and extracting them dry. It would be impossible for them to escape.

"Long time no see, sir."

A voice suddenly spoke up in the old leader's Soul Sea.

"Austin! It's you!"

The old leader recognized the voice at once.

"Please open the array secretly and let me in.

I will make sure your race survives this, safe and sound,"

Austin promised.

"Yes, it shall be done. We are counting on you," the old man replied earnestly, hope blossoming anew.

Although the leader of the omnipotent herb race lived in seclusion in the Ancient Forbidden Land, even he heard about the occurrences in places outside his own.

He knew that Austin was no longer the same and that he had grown in power immensely.

Outside the temple, Austin moved quickly and came to the temple gates in one step.

The powerful arrays could not be easily broken by a single person.

But when Austin arrived at the gates, the arrays quickly opened a portal for him, apparently under the control of the old leader.

Austin strode into the temple with one step.

Everything happened in a flash.

The Omnipotent Lightness had given Austin such unbelievable speed.

With his sudden appearance, the leaders of the invading army now exploded in outrage.

"It's Austin!"

The invaders stared at the unexpected newcomer, stunned, furious, and everything in between.

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