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   Chapter 2794 The Breakthrough After Eating The Roasted Fish

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Austin also possessed some kinds of Unearthly Fires and was still very familiar with the aura despite not having used them for years.

After his deductions, he concluded that the white flame had to be a form of Unearthly Fire.

The boy arrived at the top of the valley and waved his hand to the ground. In almost a split second, a white flame emerged from the crack and soared high into midair.

The boy pointed at the flame. And by command, the fire expanded into a massive white fireball and proliferated, becoming a sea of wild fire.

The raging fire proliferated its terrifying heat and distorted the whole space, steaming its waves.

The boy once again waved his hand and threw the four little fish into the sea of fire.

The four little fish struggled desperately.

In an instant, clouds rose and the sky was covered with dark clouds. Lightning surged through the sky shaking the horizon.

This was made by the four little fish. They were trying to use the thunderbolt to destroy the sea of fire.

The boy raised his hand and released a mysterious force. In a blink of an eye he wiped out the traces of the thunder and lightning.

The four little fish now seemed to have been put under suppressing power, unable to move an inch.

"There is only one kind of Unearthly Fire. So it will take at least ten days to roast the fish.

We have to wait patiently,"

the boy calmly said to Austin.

"Do you want more kinds of Unearthly Fires?"

Austin remembered something. He waved his hand and three flames in different colors appeared from thin air.

One had a red flame. It was known as the Scorching Evil Fire.

Another was a bleak flame and was called the Dark Bone Gloomy Fire.

The third one was a cyan flame, the Mint Wood Fire.

Upon the appearance of the three flames, the temperature rose once again.

"It is brilliant that you have three kinds of Unearthly Fires!"

The boy couldn't help but exclaim as he saw what Austin was doing.

He then waved his hand, and the three forms of Unearthly Fires all submerged in the white fire sea.


The Unearthly Fires simultaneously emerged and fanned out their colors.

As it spread out, the four flames slowly merged into one.

The horrifying temperature proliferated across the world.

The presence of the prickling heat constantly burned and melt

scles, bones and cells were burning under the heat and the flame.

From afar, Austin turned into a huge fireball dangling between heaven and earth. It was a very spectacular yet daunting sight.

After eating one roasted fish, Austin's energy reached a critical point. If he absorbed a little more energy, there was the possibility that he would explode and die!

Austin sat with his legs crossed and began to cultivate.

Two days later, he came to his senses. He scrambled to find the little boy.

Austin found that the boy had already finished eating his roasted fish and was strolling idly among the mountains nearby.

Unlike Austin, it seemed that the boy didn't feel anything uncomfortable after eating the fish. It was peculiar indeed.

There was no trace of fire glinting from his body, not even a spark.

This made Austin speechless and curious. Why was it that the boy was safe from the fire?

'Maybe if I eat one more fish, I will be able to break through!'

Austin's eyes lit up with determination and without hesitation, he ate the other fish.

Soon Austin's body was on fire again, his physique engulfed in the burning flames.

After finishing the second roasted fish, Austin began his cultivation.

He sensed that he was about to make a breakthrough and channeled his focus on his cultivation.

It was well known that the realm of the sect ancestor was divided into three distinct stages: the preliminary stage, the medium stage, and the premium stage.

Austin was now just at the preliminary stage, but clearly not for long.

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