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   Chapter 2788 The Arrival Of The Masters From The Underworld

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After making sure all of his people were safe in his Slave Tower, Austin immediately tore the space apart and strode into the chaotic void along with his demonic avatar.

Behind them were dozen of figures who were chasing after Austin into the chaotic void.

The top masters in the universe had high cultivation bases in terms of spatial power, making them move freely in the chaotic void.

"We are in big trouble!"

Austin felt a little anxious as his spiritual sense sensed strong pursuers that were radiating terrible auras behind him.

'I should send the men of the Immortal End Alliance back for their safety, '

Austin thought to himself.

The eight holy trees, Humpty and Dumpty didn't come with him in this battle.

Austin had left them in the Immortal End World to protect the place.

In this chaotic universe, every world would be the target of corpse soldiers, and you never knew when they would sneak up on you.

Austin felt confident that the two giants were the perfect ones to guard the Immortal End World. Thus, he could take his army to conquer the universe.

Shortly after entering the chaotic void, Austin gave the Slave Tower to his demonic avatar. He and his demonic avatar split up and ran away towards two different directions.

Austin believed that he was the primary target of the people behind him.

Those people wouldn't go after the demonic avatar, for they still thought it to be Thanos, the Devil Ancestor of the Evil Abyss World.

Humpty and Dumpty could guarantee the safety of the army of the Immortal End Alliance once the demonic avatar was able to take them back to the Immortal End World.

Sure enough, all the people chased after Austin and ignored the demonic avatar who fled in a different direction.

After all, their target was Austin and him only.

Austin couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the people weren't chasing the demonic avatar anymore.


It seems that even the Devil Ancest

robe and the eight holy trees that Austin got in the Celestial Palace.

"We must kill Austin today! No matter what it costs us!"

The eyes of the leader of the Yaksha Palace were filled with murderous intent. Austin had badly hurt him in the Celestial Palace. Revenge had always been in his mind!


What's with all the noise?

You're just a junior. How come so many people are hunting you down? That is so weird!"

Austin heard a gloomy voice ahead.

Nine figures appeared in front of him and blocked his way. The nine figures were in black robes and stood in a line. They were surrounded by a sea of corpse miasma.

"Austin, not only our underworld, but even your own people want to kill you. You are so annoying!"

the man in the middle said. He was radiating the strongest corpse miasma. His two dark eyes pierced the void, looked over the world, and stared at Austin.

"People of the underworld!"

Austin narrowed his eyes and stopped his movements.

He felt intimidated by the aura radiated from the nine men in black robes.

Their strength was no worse than that of top masters behind him!

"They are people from the underworld!"

The dozen cultivators behind Austin also stopped and looked at the nine men in black. They had no idea why people from the underworld suddenly appeared.

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