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   Chapter 2754 Leaving The Celestial Palace

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Millions of people flocked the gate of the Celestial Palace, evidently oblivious of the situation.

Their heads turned from left to right, checking others who might possibly have any idea of what was happening.

"What's going on?! Why am I here? I still want to look for treasures!" some queried in slight panic and intrusiveness.

"I just found a valuable item, and I was about to get it. But now, I was sent out! This is so annoying!"

whined one of the others who were clearly frustrated with being kicked out of the palace.

Celestial Palace was indeed home to various rare treasures. And those people had just ransacked most of them after pillaging the place.

Peterson the Taoist Ancestor, had been one of the invincible figures in many universes. The wealth and treasures he had collected in his entire life were beyond calculation.

Even some of the items trivial to him could stir a ruckus among ordinary cultivators, lest those that were considered valuable to him.

"Let's give it a shot and see if we can get inside it again!"

some of the greedy ones proposed, still hoping to ravage the palace to the brim.

Unfortunately for them, the gate had already been shut close.

But the masters, whose ideal was not to give up, tried their mightiest to pull it open.

To their dismay, a formidable energy surged out of the door even before they could touch it.

This energy turned them into a bloody mist, drifting horribly at them.

"Whoa! That was scary!"

With hands on their beating chest, every single one of them was startled.

"Let me give it a shot!" a tall, brawny man yelled suddenly.

With his sturdy arms and fist, he strode forward and punched the gate of the Celestial Palace.

His beaming fist released terrifying energy that expanded in the surrounding space. Most of his fellow cultivators were slightly impressed, narrowing their eyes while a grin was painted on their lips.

The muscled volunteer packed a wallop, obviously matching a sect ancestor.

Boom! Glowing runes suddenly flashed on the gate, and waves of energy surged out of it, charging directly at the bulky man.

All it took was a horrifying scream, and the brave master was blown up. His flesh and blood blasted out and was thrown in every direction.

Upon seeing this, the rest fell into utter silence, taking one aggressive gulp. Internally, some of them were really thankful to not volunteer and suffer the same fate.

A great master, who was at par with a sect ancestor, was

tial Continent.

You can't take it away with you.

If you want this robe to be useful, you'll have to take time to collect the power from other places from now on,"

Sherman explained after reading what was on Austin's mind.

"What?! No way!"

Austin exclaimed as he turned to Sherman with his eyes wide open.

He had thought the Taoist robe could be used as a fatal weapon to protect the Immortal End World.

But much to his utmost dismay, the power of faith could only rest on the territory of the Celestial Continent.

Suddenly, a big, serious problem befell on Austin.

'I severely wounded the leader of Yaksha Palace and the leader of Sword Palace and acquired rare treasures.

There is no doubt those top masters will keep their eyes on me.

Damn it! They might rob me of my treasures once I leave the small world.

What can I do to protect myself and my treasures?

Besides, Evil Shadow King and Damon were caught by the underworld troops. I'm not sure if I can save them with my current strength.

Oh my god! It seems that things have gone completely out of control this time.

I can only play it by ear.

It looks like I can't rely too much on external force.

Improving my own strength is the most practical way.

Luckily, I still got the demonic avatar with me, '

Austin thought bitterly while prancing back and forth aboard the ship.

He had decided to hide into the chaotic void once he was out of this small world.

"Don't worry too much, kid. We have your back,"

the supreme holy tree suddenly uttered while the young man was drowning in his own thoughts.

Apparently, it knew what Austin was worried about.

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