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   Chapter 2739 Go Back And Save The People Of The Immortal End Alliance

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The man in purple from the Divine Sect and the three men from the underworld all recognized that the robe Austin was wearing was priceless.

It was known to all that many masters were studying the power of faith in various worlds and universes.

However, there were very few masters who had made significant achievements or seen any results and made use of the power of faith.

The power of faith was recognized by almost all of them as the most mysterious and profound force.

The power of faith is a collection of the most sincere, pure, and most primitive energy in the soul. Its energy was generated from sincerity, devotion, and willpower of the world.

Unity of the minds, unity of the people, and the power of faith was the most fundamental original energy essence in the world.

If it could be possible for the power of faith of the whole world to be widely collected, the power produced will be terribly magnificent.

The Taoist robe that Austin was wearing had the ability to collect the power of faith in the whole wide world.

It was really a priceless treasure! Nothing could be compared to it, in terms of sheer power!

"Give that to me!" yelled the man in purple.

Then he activated the jade seal, shrouding his whole body in divine endless light, and rushed towards Austin, ready to attack.

The three cultivators were also covered in the powerful deathly energy of the sky as they wielded three black sickles. They were like three ghosts, just a chill, hovering in the air, barely visible, although their smoky silhouettes attacked Austin silently from all angles.

"You want it, don't you? By all means, come for it!"

Austin sneered as endless white light rolled and gathered on the fly whisk. He didn't use any secret skill but simply waved his hand.

Tens of thousands of white threads from the fly whisk stretched out and enlarged like tens of thousands of huge dragons dancing wildly.

The whole world and the space around them shook violently due to the huge amount of powerful energy that was being produced. The white power of faith shone brightly and drowned everything as it bathed itself all with sheer brilliance.

All the attacks launched by the man in purple from the Divine Sect and the three martial artists from hell were immediately countered and blocked.

The impact from the attack catapulted the four cultivators into the sky at the same time, then threw them back on to the ground with a thud.

'This is so powerful!'

Austin could only sense the terrifying energy flooding through his body like a volcano waiting to erupt. The energy seemed so much that he could never exhaust it.

Austin's body flashed like lightning and chased after one of the martial artists from the underworld. The fly whisk in his hand turned into a white spear aimed at the running cultivator.

That cultivator felt a chill run down his spine and was creeping him out as if he was being chased by an extremely danger

and were left far behind.


You rubbish from the Immortal End World are all going to die today!"

Two groups of people could be seen running like crazy from a distance.

The first group of people were desperately fleeing, while the second group were chasing after them and they seemed to be enjoying toying with them.

Those who were escaping were members of the Immortal End Alliance.

They were being chased by the members of the Yaksha Palace.

Enraged, Austin used his right palm which kept enlarging and slapped across the air as if he was clapping with the air.


The giant palm, encircled with the white power of faith, blotted out the sun and covered the whole sky. All of a sudden, the people from the Yaksha Palace who were chasing after their prey, were all smashed into a paste of meat.

"Leader Austin, it's you!"

Seeing Austin's sudden appearance, the members of the Immortal End Alliance were all overjoyed.

"Leader Austin, the Yaksha Palace has ganged up with the Sword Palace. They have been hunting down our members from the Immortal End World and our allies everywhere. The situation is very critical!"

Several powerful cultivators from the Immortal End World came up to Austin and reported.

"That's all right. From now on I am here so you don't have to escape.

Those who need to watch out and probably escape while they still have a chance are the people of the Yaksha Palace and the Sword Palace.

Alright everyone, let's go back together!"

Austin spoke tightly, his tone, full of killing intent.


Let's go back together with Leader Austin! We are now safe."

All the cultivators from the Immortal End World were excited at Austin's encouraging words. They knew he would keep his word because he had never let them down.

Right at that moment, the demonic avatar and the eight holy trees finally came up to him.

"Let's go and kill the enemies!"

Austin rushed forward with his team.

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