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   Chapter 2723 The Ancestral Temple

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"That's right!"

Hearing what Campbell had said, everyone could not help but feel excited.

"Mr. Campbell, have you figured something out?"

the leader of the Heavenly Palace asked eagerly, trying hard to contain his excitement.

"Ha-ha, I have a feeling that this continent has something in store for us. I can sense true immortal energy radiating from this place. Great opportunities may lie ahead of us,"

Campbell said.


You're right. Let's go to the Celestial Palace first."

Suddenly, the leader of the Yaksha Palace squeezed the young man in his hand until he was reduced to a mere pulp. The young man died a miserable death.

Then, as if nothing had happened, the leader of the Yaksha Palace moved swiftly towards the center of the continent.

The people of the Yaksha Palace followed him immediately.

Other strong cultivators rushed there together with their own people.

The demonic avatar was not slow to follow the other cultivators. It quickly rushed to the center of the continent, followed by a group of evil creatures and Austin was one of them.

"The leader of the Yaksha Palace really is an unreasonable tyrant. He just killed an innocent man for the heck of it."

Austin shook his head in disdain as he recalled the young man who was killed only moments ago.


Dozens of people flocked around where the young man had died, sad and angry.

"Report this to the priest immediately. Ask him to send out the immortal guard to kill all evil from the outside world, in order to avenge our companion's death!"

Dozens of residents gritted their teeth in anger.

Although this continent was even larger than the Immortal End World, it was nothing in the eyes of the strong, trespassing cultivators.

The vast land posed no problem for them, especially for the leaders of the Heavenly Palace, Yaksha Palace and the Star Island, because each step they took already covered a long distance, allowing them to navigate the continent with relative ease.

This time, all the cultivators from the major forces and worlds had been selected carefully.

Soon after, they arrived at the center of the continent.

All of the travelers were sh

neered. Her beautiful body shone and her head was giving off a beam of light. She was solemn and ethereal, like a god descending from the heaven.

At the same time, the people around her also did the same as a deity rushed out of each of their heads, dazzling and bright.

"What's this?"

All the cultivators, including Austin, were confused by the dazzling lights.

"Those who defy our ancestor must die!"

With one loud cry, the ray of light beaming from their skull merged and transformed into a human-like creature, which looked as dazzling and as sacred as the stars above them.

The creature that emerged was terrifying. It emitted such a strong and intimidating energy. It opened its mouth and made a loud, ominous voice that echoed throughout.

"Who dare offend our mighty ancestor?"

The voice was so tremendous that the mountains and the sun trembled as if God was descending.

The strong cultivators who broke in were all surprised. They found the figure to be extraordinary.

The figure cast out light from his body. Although he was vague, he meant to show off his terrifyingly powerful energy.

"You've offended our ancestor. Why don't you all kneel down and prepare to die?"

the residents of the continent all shouted at the same time.

"Humph, don't play tricks with us.

Get out of my way!"

The leader of the Yaksha Palace pushed everyone out of his way. He rushed towards the figure and unleashed a devastating punch.

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