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   Chapter 2568 Three Sect Ancestors

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"That is Javier, the devil ancestor of the Second Demonic World in the Evil Abyss World.

It was said that he had always been on good terms with Devil Ancestor Bale, and it turns out that it is true.

Devil Ancestor Bale actually invited him to assist him in the attack!"

"The Immortal End World is going to have a hard time.

As of now, there are two sect ancestors going against them.

At this rate, the Immortal End World will be wiped out. There is no doubt about that!"

As the black figure appeared, all the creatures from various worlds in the distance were all rattled.

They couldn't contain their surprise.

Any ordinary being would probably have no chance to see even one sect ancestor in their entire lives, let alone two.

But now, two of them appeared.

Creatures from the area exclaimed in excitement. They felt that they had something to feast on.

Devil Ancestor Javier, clad in black clothing, was in the depths of the starry sky. He was shining with a light that could freeze anyone out of sheer coldness, and his eyes were brimming with intense killing intent.

"Go to hell!"

Covering the vast expanse of the sky, his huge hands stretched out.

As he did so, the entirety of it was blanketed with endless evil energy.

The creatures who felt the strong power also felt scared. They went as far as possible to avoid being part of the collateral damage.


In that instant, creatures were blown up one by one and vanished into thin air on that particular side of the Immortal End World.

The atmosphere was filled with boundless pale blood mist.

Sect ancestors were so powerful.

They could instantly kill numerous creatures in just a single breath.

Instantly, hundreds of thousands of casualties had been inflicted on the side of the Immortal End World.

"Retreat! Everyone, retreat! Retreat!"

Austin widened his eyes widely and roared madly.

"Ha-ha, it's too late. How can these poor ants escape from me?"

Sneering, Devil Ancestor Javier mocked.


A black light flew out from his palm and turned into a black blade, chopping across the battlefield.

Like the vast and endless sea, the black blade aura made the whole starry sky tremble.


Many people from the Immortal End World immediately died in one go. The battlefield became a sea of blood. Their flesh and broken bones flew in the air at the same time, and many pieces of magic treasures were destroyed.

Before anyone had any time to react, they were already dead.


Zenith roared madly.

The old man that had been his friend since they lived in the Land of Life-and-death had just been destroyed and left in pieces. He was dead on the spot.

Over the past three

t of frustration.

"I beg to differ. Cut the crap. Let's fight!"

As a small smile formed in the corner of his lips, the old man demanded to get this over with.


He stood tall in the face of his adversary. The aura around him was so strong that it felt like he was a god of war.

He launched out his punches, most terrifying blood vitality bursting out of his body.

Shadows of dragons and ancient elephants appeared and wandered around his body.

"Let's fight! I'm not afraid of you!"

Devil Ancestor Javier raged. He was complacent with his cultivation base and his tough character. If it hadn't been for this features, he couldn't have cultivated to such a high level.


The eyes of Devil Ancestor Javier glowed strangely, and the dark light on his forehead sparkled. Tens of thousands of streaks of black light shot out. Then, the frightening rune was formed and turned into an evil saber, which shot towards the middle of the elder's eyebrows.


The white haired old man opened his mouth and roared. He instantly hovered in the air and blocked the attack of that saber.

The whole space around them was eventually destroyed due to their ferocious battle.

The other creatures could no longer see what was truly happening between the two of them.

"Ha-ha, it looks like there is still hope for the Immortal End World after all!


Elder Kevin shouted and with a wave of his hand, he led their men to counterattack!


With returned hope in their hearts, the people from the Immortal End World turned around and rushed forward like wolves and tigers.

They had been suppressed with no way of fighting back until now!

The sect ancestor hit them hard and they had sustained heavy casualties.

This was the perfect chance for them to fight back!

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