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   Chapter 2567 One More Remarkable Figure

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7898

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As long as no more surprises popped up, the victory of the Immortal End World was all but assured.

The united foreign troops had to step back as they licked their wounds.

Far from the battlefield, creatures from different worlds gasped in surprise at the unexpected results of the battle.

Their disbelief was written all over their faces.

No one doubted that the Immortal End World would be quickly destroyed.

That was why all of them could only gape in shock as not one of them saw this coming.

Devil Ancestor Bale couldn't get Austin and the three magic trees off his tail.

On the other side, the united army of the four worlds was losing their ground.


"When did the creatures in the Immortal End World become so powerful? They're even gaining the upper hand in the fight against the joint forces of the four worlds!"

All the onlookers were gaping in their amazement at the result. It looked surreal and felt unreal. Some of them were too dumbfounded to even utter a word.

Immortal End World was a weak, closed world to all the creatures in the universe.

This was so deeply rooted within their minds that this opinion began to feel like a fact.

But today, the creatures of the Immortal End World showed strength so great it left them shaking.

Such an abrupt change was really surprising.

Some creatures' faces turned pale in their fear.

Their worlds had conflicts with the Immortal End World in the past, and they even more or less bullied it.

They were terrified that their worlds would be in danger if the creatures of the Immortal End World planned to get even with them in the future.

"As long as the Immortal End World survive this, it'll be a powerhouse in the universe,"

a creature exclaimed.

"I think so.

If a master of the sect ancestor's level can't destroy the Immortal End World, I'm afraid that no one would dare to attack them again in the future,"

another creature responded and nodded in agreement.

No matter what the result of the battle would be, the creatures from other worlds had already changed their opinions towards the Immortal End World.

'Will the Immortal End World get through this?

If it does, it'll truly become a formidable force in the universe, ' the creatures from other worlds thought.

"Well... looks like you're harder to deal with tha


We just have to hold you off.

It won't be long before our men wipe out your troops,"

the supreme holy tree spoke loudly despite of the damage it received.

"Oh, is that so?

But I'm afraid your plan won't work.

I prepared a back-up plan in case of an emergency."

Devil Ancestor Bale's lips pulled into a cunning smile.

A foreboding feeling ripped through Austin when he saw the smile on his enemy's face.

Devil Ancestor Bale snapped to look at the depths of the sky in the next second.

"Javier, stop being a bystander.

Come out.

If you help me destroy this world, I will give you a handsome reward,"

he said abruptly.

There was nothing in that area as far as their eyes could see.

"Seriously? Bale, I can't believe that you can't deal with such a small world on your own.

Looks like the Immortal End World is different.

All right. Let me give you a hand."

A voice of pure evil echoed from the direction Devil Ancestor Bale was looking at.

It was flat and emotionless, so empty that it sent cold shivers down people's spine.

A tall dark figure seemed to materialize out of nowhere into their view.

He blankly looked at the bloody battlefield as if they were all just ants that were so insignificant that they didn't deserve an ounce of his attention.

Apparently, he was as powerful as a sect ancestor just like Devil Ancestor Bale.

The creatures of the Immortal End World felt their heart sink and their burning determination were replaced by a terrifying chill they could feel deep within their bones.

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