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   Chapter 2566 Gaining The Upper Hand

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If battles could be won in terms of sheer numbers alone, then the troops of the Immortal End World had the fight in the bag.

There were so many horrible figures, especially the grotesque army of the devil insect race, which filled the starry sky like fish did to the ocean.

Strength wise, the Immortal End World's side could not be called weak in any way.

The Eight Stone Saints, nearly a hundred supreme grandmasters of the devil insect race, Elder Kevin, the soldier, and so on had made breakthroughs and entered the Immortal Saint Realm.

The eight chaotic evil beasts on their side were also powerful.


A group of people from Immortal End World's side rushed out like tigers and wolves, falling like unstoppable ocean waves towards their enemies.

The Immortal End World's army included over a hundred thousand monsters, the forces of the devil insect race, and the warriors of the spirit of holy stone.

Elder Kevin and the other masters also rushed forth like dragons.

"Let's go!"

"Kill all the villains!

Don't let any of them get away!"

"We can annihilate all the enemies outside the Immortal End World and wash away the humiliation that we were forced to bear all these years!"

Roars of anger filled the air as the people from the side of the Immortal End World let out their rage with every move as they fought their hearts out.

It was undeniable that the Immortal End World's people had the upper hand in both numbers and strength.

On top of their sheer strength, they were bolstered by the fact that they were defending their families from outsiders. Life and death didn't even cross their minds as they were willing to sacrifice their every breath to defend their family.

That was why every attack the Immortal End World's people let out was very fierce!

The will to fight and high morale were important in any battle.

There had been many cases where the outcome of the battle was decided by these two factors!

Unlike their blazing determination, the joint forces of the four worlds were as peaceful as a still pond and was relaxed when they arrived.

They all held onto the belief that this battle was already spoken for since they had a sect ancestor on their side.

Barely a drop of their blood would hit the soil and there wouldn't be much casualties on their side was their firmly held belief.

To put it bluntly, the joint forces of the four worlds all thought that there was no need for them to put in any effort in this fight.

Devil Ancestor Bale could easily destroy the Immortal End World with a careless wave of his ha

Saints and was clearly at a disadvantage as he was forced back.

The demonic avatar raised the big iron bar in its hand and violently smashed it against the grand leader.


Endless evil law scattered at that moment and the dark chaos air surged forth.

The black iron rod swept aside the grand leader and sent him flying directly into the starry sky.

Blood dripped out of the grand leader's sunken back. His injury was bad but it was even worse when looked closely.

The demonic avatar had no problem dealing with a single grand leader with its current cultivation base. What's more, the joint attack of the Eight Stone Saints was also very effective.


It only took a few seconds for the grand leader to be smashed into tiny pieces.

The power of the Diabolic Killing Needle was very strong and soon the needle absorbed all the power of the grand leader, and his flesh and bones too.


The demonic avatar used the transformed Diabolic Killing Needle to sweep over the battlefield and wildly harvested the lives of the evil creatures.

Grand leaders were nothing to the demonic avatar so ordinary evil creatures wouldn't even reach its feet.

No one could survive from the demonic avatar's attack and all those who tried to struggle were instantly killed!

The Diabolic Killing Needle's power was crazily absorbing all the essence of the evil creatures' flesh and blood.

Every time they absorbed an evil creature, the demonic avatar and the Diabolic Killing Needle evolved and became even stronger!

The battle between the two armies was fierce but it didn't take long for a side to have a clear upper hand.

The Immortal End World's side was slowly but surely taking the advantage!

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