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   Chapter 2563 The Fighting Capacity Of Three Magic Trees

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"Hah! You dumbos are so pathetic. You're nothing but three weak ants to me. Do you really think you can stop the inevitable? You're in over your head here!"

Hearing that, Devil Ancestor Bale smiled all of a sudden.

He was confident that he could defeat everything in the universe. After all, he was a devil ancestor.

At this very moment too, he was radiating dark and evil energy. His tall and magnificent figure was like a big black mountain standing unopposed, which somehow made people feel suffocated.

His tone now was calm and indifferent instead of furious. "It's no use resisting me. Watch me! I'll kill all the living beings of the Immortal End World right now!

Then, I will refine you trees into my original evil trees! You shall never be able to escape again!

As for you Austin, you have killed too many warriors of the Third Demonic World. I am not going to let you off so easily. You won't die just yet.

You will suffer the most terrible forms of punishment in the world at my hands!"

The cold voice of Devil Ancestor Bale shook the starry sky once again, causing everyone's soul to tremble. The coldness that arose in their spine went from their head to foot and sent a chill deep into their bones.


As he spoke, Bale raised his foot and walked out of the black chariot slowly, strolling around aimlessly.

Immediately, an overwhelming power swept through space, and even the stars near him seemed to flicker haphazardly.

Bale had been standing on the chariot until now. Finally he stepped off.

This clearly meant that he had attached great importance to Austin and the three holy trees.

That was true! With his current cultivation base, he had perceived that Austin and the three holy trees were not as weak as he thought they were.

"Fuck you! I'm not afraid of you! This is going to be a fight for the ages!"

The supreme holy tree didn't flinch. Its branches and leaves were in an uproar now, looking very excited and furious.


Devil Ancestor Bale stretched out his right hand and simply said.


A dark diabolic sword flew down from the sky and fell into his hand. Its blazing black light was horrendously beautiful and its aura was hauntingly horrible.

Crack, crack!

As the sword was flourished, cracks began to appear in the space around it. They were caused by the slicing of the diabolic sword.


The sword suddenly flew across the sky and chopped in the direction of the people from the Immortal End World. The endless evil law it conta


Such an attack was not something a man could withstand.

Everyone was shocked. Who could bear such a powerful blow?

"You devil, don't be so arrogant!"

It was at that moment that Austin rushed out and gave a roar.

"Ha-ha, it's useless for an ant like you to resist."

Devil Ancestor Bale laughed.

"Power from heaven and earth of the Immortal End World, be my guard. Help me defeat him!"

With his fists clenched, Austin roared towards the sky.

The next moment, Immortal End World began to shake crazily. It had been called upon, and it was answering!

Every single object of this world, including the sun, the moon, the starry sky, the earth itself, rivers and mountains, even the living beings felt a call arising in the depths of their souls.

Under that command, the energy inside all of them began to surge out.

A vast and boundless tsunami of energy formed in the sky above Austin.


Very soon, that tsunami turned into huge energy dragons that rushed through from afar towards Austin. The world had answered!

Within seconds, Austin was enveloped by it.


As Austin blinked, the energy poured inside him.

At a speed visible to the naked eye, his body began to grow big.

In less than a breath's time, Austin had become a giant one million feet high, looking down at everything from above.

He was also giving off an astonishing, terrifying aura!

If even a little bit of energy leaked from him at this point, it would shock the surrounding place into nothingness.

"Humph, I didn't expect you to be able to summon the energy of this world out of thin air!"

Seeing this, the face of Devil Ancestor Bale began to darken.

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