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   Chapter 2562 Take Action

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Devil Ancestor Bale began to take action.

He placed one hand behind his back, as if starting a dance-off and stretched out the other slowly, pointing in the direction of the troops of the Immortal End World.

Instantly, numerous demonic runes fell down from the sky and began to explode around them. The whole scene looked spooky.

Kevin gnashed his teeth and shouted, "Stand fast! Defeat him together!"

Under his command, every single cultivator at the Immortal King Realm or above moved forward and released every ounce of energy they had. This was the only way.

Their opponent could match a sect ancestor, and they had to go all out. Otherwise, they weren't just going to lose the battle but their lives as well.

Sensing the formidable corpse miasma Zenith was releasing, Kevin was both surprised and glad.

"Ha-ha! Zenith, what has it come to! You're better than me now!" he called out with a laugh.

"No fault of yours, my friend! Over the past three years, you have had to deal with matters in the Immortal End World, but I have focused solely on cultivation in the Corpse World. That's what has given me a very slight edge.

But you have contributed a lot to the Immortal End World and thus, you are the real hero,"

Zenith responded.

The two of them were well-known figures of the Immortal End World in the ancient times. They had known each other ever since then and had a deep and understanding relationship.

Boom! Boom!

Beams of light made up of pure energy soared into the sky like a rainbow. However, instead of a happy tone, the energy beams seemed like they could destroy everything in their path.

The great masters of the Immortal End World were fighting at full strength.

They unleashed all of their most powerful martial skills.

"An effort in vain! You've clearly bitten off more than you can chew!" Devil Ancestor Bale snorted scornfully.

His huge hand met the overwhelming energy beams that had just been released.


The shock wave was so destructive that it seemed to tear the world apart.

Numerous energy waves moved around aimlessly in space, as if they were lost.

At that moment, the sky began to flicker, as if it couldn't take the blow any longer. The battle was too horrific for it to withstand.

A few hundred cultivators at the Immortal King Realm and dozens of cultivators at the Immortal Saint Realm were fighting against a great master of the sect ancestor's level.

An aftermath of such a battle was beyond any man's imagination.

Nothing but chaos and oblivion ruled the world in and around the battlefield. Nothing could be seen clearly.

As time passed,

rld, and a few were ones who gloated over their strategy. However, at that moment, something unexpected happened!

"You bloody big head! You give yourself too much credit.

The moment I catch sight of you vile things, my entire mood is ruined."

A booming voice sounded.

Four figures faded into appearance behind the army of the Immortal End World.

As people focused, they saw that was a young man and three shining trees.

Austin and the three magic trees were here!

Austin had just finished his training in the cave and the second he had gotten wind of the war, he had headed for outside the Immortal End World.

The three magic trees had been chatting away with Corey and Faran in the cave while Austin had been busy improving himself.

The five of them were from the same place.

They missed their homeland and had a lot to talk about.


Devil Ancestor Bale fixed his sharp eyes on the holy purple tree, which once used to be his original evil tree!

However, things were different now.

The holy purple tree was out of his control. There was no evil aura inside it and it had completely gotten rid of his presence. In fact, its entire appearance was changed now.

"Hah! You can't escape from me.

I will refine you again and turn you into my original evil tree once more.

In fact, I will turn all of you into my original evil trees. Nice of you to show up!"

Devil Ancestor Bale coldly declared.

"Fuck you!

Bastard! There's no need to gloat!

I am going to skin you alive, take out your bones and fry them in hellfire!

You asshole! You just watch me! You're dead meat!" the supreme holy tree yelled furiously, pointing at Devil Ancestor Bale with its thick branch.

Obviously it was extremely pissed off.

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