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   Chapter 2557 Bray's Wedding

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An open-air area in the square was flocked with a crowd.

They watched as the new couple performed the ceremony to become legally married.

The groom, dashing more than usual, was Bray.

Much to their delight, guests filled the entire space in the square, signaling that a lot of people really cared about this union.

Bray was holding his bride, the Holy Daughter of a top-notch sect in the Immortal End World, in his arms. They were clearly flirting with each other.

"It's a shame that Austin isn't here. He is the chief of this world, so I bet he has been swamped recently.

It will be really cool if he could be here,"

Bray uttered with a sigh, looking slightly disappointed that his friend was not present on such a momentous occasion.

"Bray, be honest with me. What's going on between you and the Holy Daughter of Heaven Moon Sect, Alicia He?

I heard that you were with her a few days ago,"

the beautiful bride questioned Bray directly.


We are just friends,"

Bray answered abruptly, his face a little grimaced.

"I don't care how many Holy Daughters you will marry.

But I am and will always be your rightful wife.

If you marry other women, they will all be concubines!"

the bride seethed, glaring at Bray.


Sweetie, you're the boss.

Today is our big day. Let's not try to ruin it, okay?" Bray coaxed in a gentle voice.

It took him a while to make his bride burst into laughter.

Then suddenly, a loud laugh resounded and echoed in the square.

"This brat finally fulfilled his wish and actually married a Holy Daughter.

You didn't let me down, son!"

a man announced in a loud voice.

It was Bray's father, Ward!

Many of the guests, who were core members of different forces, suddenly turned their heads.

These guests were respected figures in the East Mainland.

Some were from the Flame Holy Land, others from the Deep Sea Commercial House, the beast race of the East Mainland, and even from the fire crow race.

Even the sect leaders of several holy lands and chiefs of prominent clans had come in person to witness the union of the couple.

Moreover, all the major sects from the Divine Continent, including the Middle Pilgrim Land, the West Desert, the South Mountain, and the North Plateau, had sent their own representatives to attend Bray's wedding ceremony.

Everyone in the Divine Continent knew that Bray and Au

a how hard that old man Sharp trains me every now and then.

You know he basically ruined my social life just for training, right?

That old man is so strict!

I spend most of my time cultivating, and only have a little time for myself,"

Herbert defended himself, as he grimaced to seek for sympathy, which Austin just ignored.

Soon, the news about Austin's return spread in the entire headquarters.

Ivy and Sue, who were both cultivating in seclusion, rushed to meet Austin as soon as they got the message from Mike.

They missed Austin very much, apparent from how they threw themselves into his arms the moment they saw him.

Meanwhile, although Evan had been very much engaged in his cultivation, he also came out to see him when he heard that he was back.

What surprised Austin was that Evan had reached the preliminary stage of Heavenly Grotto Realm!

Evan was an honest and diligent man. He would not slack off in his cultivation, and as a result, he had developed a solid foundation of vital energy.

That explained why he could progress so quickly in his vital energy realm.

Moreover, Angus, Godwin, and Austin's other acquaintances from the Prime Martial World all flocked the headquarters of the Flame Holy Land.

After staying and catching up with all of them for a few days, Austin bid farewell and left.

He headed back to the cave hidden inside the pot and engaged in his own training.

Austin wanted to improve his strength in a short time

for he clearly knew that Devil Ancestor Bale could pose a significant threat to the Immortal End World once he was back.

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