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   Chapter 2555 Slaps On The Face

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"Bastard, go to hell!"

Austin yelled in a fury.

"Shut up!

How could you have the nerve to offend our Evil Shadow World like this!

Well, since you are the master of this world, I'll first kill you! Then I'll take control of the entire Immortal End World!

You made a huge mistake, young man! And you have implicated the entire Immortal End World because of your recklessness!"

The tall and thin man from the evil shadow race was as furious as thunder. He was a senior leader in the Evil Shadow World and had countless evil shadow soldiers under his control.

He was a very powerful man back home, but now, he was being called a bastard! That was absolutely unacceptable to him.


He suddenly moved in a horrible momentum, rushing over towards his opponent in a flash. The sword aura was surging with a divine radiance that enveloped the entire area around.

This tall and thin man from the evil shadow race actually had powerful sword skills, whose sword aura could actually slice heaven and earth into pieces.

"Go to hell!"

he shouted once more as murderous intent billowed in his aura.

"Well, let me try your swordsmanship,"

Austin sneered with a smug etched on his face.


The Five-element Sword Aura, which was almost a hundred thousand feet long, rushed out like five dragons of different colors, chopping at his opponent.


The sword auras of both sides collided into a loud, blaring noise.

The spot was annihilated in an instant and then reduced into nothingness.


However, the fierce battle only lasted for a short while as Austin broke all the defenses of the tall, thin man, cutting him off quickly with one blow.

Swoosh! Austin rushed over. The entire space was densely packed with the Divine Ruling Chains that tailed Austin. They looked like majestic white dragons descending from the sky.


Austin raised his hand and the sword auras rushed out.


His opponent groaned in pain as the sword pierced through his chest.

Before the tall and thin man from the evil shadow race could fall, Austin grabbed and lifted him up. After that, he slapped the back of his temple.

"You've gone too far!"

The tall and thin man was frightened and angry. Although he was trembling in a fury, he was quite mumbled at the same time.

After all, he was a senior leader in the Evil Shadow World. Being struck down by a kid with a few moves and bei

w more livid with rage, and his eyes were as sharp as blades.

Slowly again, smoke enveloped him, but he didn't say anything further.

He knew that if he spoke again, he would be slapped again––even much more times.

So, even if he had enough of what happened today, he chose to remain mum.

In the end, Austin stretched out his foot and kicked him into the air.

"Get out of the Immortal End World right now!

Otherwise, I will never let you go.

And from now on, the creatures of the Evil Shadow World are not allowed to enter our world,"

Austin remarked. He, too, was pissed to the core.

"I will remember what happened today!"

The tall and thin man struggled to get up. Before he left, he gazed at Austin with endless resentment in his eyes.

Then, bringing hundreds of members of the evil shadow race with him, he fled away.

Elder Kevin, Caroline, and all the high-level leaders of the Immortal End School were still flabbergasted.

"Are you all right, Caroline?"

Austin came to her with a smile, caressing her hair with the utmost affection.

"Ha-ha! Austin, I didn't expect you to be so powerful.

That was so excellent!

From now on, let's see how many people would dare to come to our Immortal End World and make trouble!"

laughed Elder Kevin.

"Elder Kevin, you are about to break through to the Immortal Saint Realm, aren't you?"

Austin said after sensing the aura given off by the old man.

"You're right. I'm going to cultivate in seclusion and try my best to break through to the Immortal Saint Realm now."

Elder Kevin nodded before leaving without another word.

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