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   Chapter 2552 The Phoenix Nirvana Skill

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"I have no ulterior motive.

I just think that you are a nice guy so I want to find a very suitable place for you to improve yourself,"

said Faran.

"A place to improve myself? What do you mean, sir?"

Austin asked in confusion.

"In this cave, there is an extremely dangerous path that would be perfect for you to have a trial.

The owner of the cave had organized it in an interesting way. They deliberately placed various dangerous hurdles on the path of trial.

Once you step on the path, the opponents you will encounter will always be a little stronger than you!

So once you start this trial, you will be challenged to the extreme and encounter tough fights. Any trial you face will always be a challenge between life and death,"

added Faran.

"That's true.

It is a really dangerous trial and will most definitely keep your adrenaline pumping due to the constant dangerous situations you will encounter.

It is the perfect training ground for a great martial artist like yourself since it is dangerous at every turn.

However, if you can stick to this cultivation program for a long period, you will get a great improvement,"

added Corey.

"Oh wow! You mean such a path of trial exists in this cave. It sounds great."

Austin was a little surprised.

"Do you think I can use it as part of my trial experience?"

Austin asked.

"Sure, you can use it anytime.

Furthermore, before you enter the trial, Corey and I will take time and give you some personal guidance and some tips on how to do better.

We will choose some martial arts skills suitable for your level of cultivation and teach you.

We also will share with you some of our cultivation achievements.

Then you can go to the trial with a bit more knowledge than other cultivators would have. The extra knowledge will enhance your experience and significantly improve your fighting abilities.

In this way, you will be much more confident to deal with Devil Ancestor Bale,"

explained Faran.

"Sirs, You two... I don't know what to say."

Austin was dumbfounded by Faran's words.

He was perplexed by the turn of events. What was going on with the two?

He couldn't figure out if something was wrong with them or they were up to something sinister.

Austin had many questions running through his mind. For instance, why did they suddenly start treating him so well when before, everything was always a transaction and he had to pay dearly? Why did they offer to help him practice and to take the trial and even pass on some martial arts skills to him? Something was up, and he was curious about what their agenda could be.

Austin was stunned by Faran and Corey's weird behavior and couldn't react for a moment.

"Well, Austin, don't be surprised.

We just made a calculated decision. Let me put it this way. We figure that it is inevitable that you will grow up quickly and become stronger faster than most cultivators and then you can help us

s were very complicated and unpredictable. They were like the stars in the sky, constantly changing and incredibly beautiful.

The runes were not ordinary. They displayed the most essential rule, which was the power of the greatest truth.

It was constantly changing, explaining the ultimate enlightening meaning of the Phoenix Nirvana Skill!

Gradually, the runes recorded in the bones would dance like many genuine phoenixes one after another.

The genuine phoenixes flapped their wings and flew high in the sky. They would die and then get revived once again. The brilliance of their bodies and the brilliant flame burning through their whole body would be illuminated and fill the universe and the whole world.

The Phoenixes Nirvana Skill was terrifying, profound and unpredictable.

A talent of the amazing level was needed to be able to comprehend it. Otherwise, one could not understand it at all.

Fortunately, Austin was such a talent.

After nine days and nights, Austin began to have a preliminary understanding of the Phoenix Nirvana Skill and started to practice.

After more than ten days had passed, Austin reached out his right hand and suddenly grabbed his left shoulder.


His whole left shoulder was tore off and bleeding.

"There must be rebirth in fire..."

Austin said softly.

Immediately, a layer of flames arose from his left shoulder, like a phoenix feather, wrapping his left shoulder, and finally overflowing vigorously.

Within a moment, Austin's left shoulder had recovered completely.

This was Austin's first time trying this omnipotent skill, the Phoenix Nirvana Skill and he had gained a great result without any hiccups.

Austin was delighted. If he could master that skill completely, he could have the chance to be reborn again and again even if he was seriously injured and on the verge of death. There was no treasure that was more precious than that skill.

This was the perfect skill to save his life!

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