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   Chapter 2547 The Hole On The Dome Disappears

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A long and black machete materialized on the hand of Devil Ancestor Bale's spiritual avatar. As the avatar fiercely wielded the weapon, a dark blade aura flashed and moved with a sound.

Although it was just a spiritual avatar, its fighting power was considerably formidable.


In the space crevice, the holy purple tree threw itself into a fierce fight with the spiritual avatar.

"What are you waiting for? Let's do it together!"

the supreme holy tree yelled, rushing towards the avatar.

Although the former was not as skilled in fighting as the holy purple tree, its defensive ability was very strong.

It confidently dashed towards the avatar's black machete.

Clung! Clung! Clung!

A thick blade aura smashed on the supreme holy tree, producing crisp metallic sounds as if it was colliding with an iron weapon.

The supreme holy tree was unscathed. No damage was inflicted on it at all. Hence, it took most of the blows for the holy purple tree.

Austin was both surprised and pleased to see it. It was the first time he had seen the supreme holy tree engaged in a cutthroat fight, and frankly, he didn't expect it to be so powerful.

At that time, the holy yellow tree joined them against Devil Ancestor Bale's spiritual avatar.

Divine Ruling Chains fell from the sky and rained down on the spiritual avatar like waterfalls.

Each chain was so intense that it could easily smash the space in an instant.

These Divine Ruling Chains were specific manifestations of law power.

The stronger the law power one mastered, the more influential the Divine Ruling Chains he unleashed were.

"It has such strong law power!"

Austin couldn't help exclaiming.

The three magic trees did have their own merits.

Each of them was even stronger than a grand leader of the Evil Abyss World.

"These magic trees are amazing! I didn't expect them to be so skilled!"

Kevin and the soldier exclaimed with their eyes wide and mouths agape.

Austin nodded his head in agreement, acknowledging that those trees were indeed promising.

'I can't believe these magic trees are so powerful!'

Facing the attacks of three magic trees, Devil Ancestor Bale's spiritual avatar couldn't gain the upper hand.

With the combined attacks of those three, the avatar was clearly at a disadvantage.

Upon seeing this, Austin rushed towards it.

He firmly clenched his fist as he charged forward.

"Energy of nature, I command you!"

Austin shouted.

All of a

You are the chief of this world, and you must be prepared.

If you can hurry in improving your strength, you might be able to employ more nature energy to handle Devil Ancestor Bale,"

the holy yellow tree informed, sounding much like a great adviser.

"Well, sir, if you say so."

The holy yellow tree's remarks surprised Austin. Knowing that what it said made sense, the latter took its gift.

'He is right. I must try my best to be more reliable.

That way, I will be able to employ more energy in nature. That way, perhaps I could even fight against Devil Ancestor Bale, ' Austin thought to himself.

"Since Russell gave you some of his essence, I will provide you with mine too.

Otherwise, you may call me a mean guy behind my back.

After you take it, your body will be more substantial,"

the supreme holy tree muttered with a sigh.

A dozen drops of green tree essence outpoured from its body and levitated in front of Austin.

"Thank you very much, sir!"

Austin expressed with a smile before taking the tree essence.

"I haven't gotten my energy back yet.

When I fully restore it, I will also give you some essence.

It can make your vital energy even more formidable,"

the holy purple tree uttered.

"I appreciate your kindness, but you don't have to do that. You're too weak. You should focus on regaining your strength back,"

Austin refused immediately, quite shy with the pouring gifts.

"Thank you for your concern, but I hope you will take my essence.

You helped me get rid of that devil ancestor.

I owe you a debt, young man. You deserve it,"

the holy purple tree asserted with a gentle smile.

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