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   Chapter 2546 Holy Purple Tree

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In the Immortal End World.

The demonic tree was floating up in the sky.

"Oh, no! Devil Ancestor Bale's spiritual avatar is on the way here!"

the evil tree exclaimed.

Upon hearing this, Austin, the supreme holy tree, the holy yellow tree and the soldier immediately became restless.

'Devil Ancestor Bale is remarkably powerful. Even his spiritual avatar will be difficult to deal with, ' they thought, frowning to themselves.

"I'll fight him!"

Austin offered, gritting his teeth.


The spiritual tree quickly and entirely rushed out of Austin's Soul Sea and flew into the evil tree. Before long, it had reached the devil face inside the evil tree.

The spiritual tree's leaves and roots soon transformed into sharp arrows.

The arrows came at the devil face as the spiritual tree released its terrifying energy to refine it.

The devil face roared, growing flustered by the second.

It opened its huge mouth and spurted out countless black weapons to resist the attacks.

It could sense that the spiritual tree was a danger to it.

The spiritual tree was the natural enemy of any type of energy related to the spiritual soul.

The devil face was a spiritual sense restriction that Devil Ancestor Bale had planted inside the evil tree. Basically, it was a kind of spiritual soul energy.

"Come on!"

Austin and his companions could see that the devil face was afraid of the spiritual tree. So they took this opportunity to attack the devil face with their full might.

Facing their spiritual sense attacks, the devil face gradually weakened.

A moment later, the spiritual tree's leaves and roots hit the devil face mercilessly.

Then the spiritual tree unleashed its energy strong enough to trap the devil face.

The devil face struggled to free itself but it couldn't get away.

The spiritual tree kept releasing its tremendous refining power to refine it further.

After a while, the devil face finally stopped resisting.

Soon after, the devil face that had been planted in the evil tree gradually faded away and disappeared.


Clint, you're finally free!"

the supreme holy tree rejoiced.

The devil face was a spiritual sense restriction that Devil Ancestor Bale had put in t


"Damn it!

You son of a bitch! I bet you had to resort to dirty methods just to gain control over me! I haven't even gotten back at you for that!

Now you're accusing me of betraying you? That's ridiculous! Can you hear yourself?"

The holy purple tree was visibly irked as it glared at Devil Ancestor Bale's spiritual avatar.

The holy purple tree then dashed forward at such a high speed.

It didn't take long for it to reach the space crack.

"Go to hell, you devil!"

Flaring up, the holy purple tree pounced on Devil Ancestor Bale's spiritual avatar.

Its thick branches turned into huge purple dragons that growled ferociously.

Hundreds and thousands of purple dragons surrounded Devil Ancestor Bale's spiritual avatar, all ready to attack.

"Wow, he's very skillful!"

Austin was shocked.

The holy purple tree's performance was rather impressive.

In response, the Devil Ancestor Bale's spiritual avatar kept retreating.

"Of course Clint is fierce! He's stronger than those devil grand leaders.

My 11 brothers and I have our merits and Clint's definitely good at attacking.

But he's still weak. He'll definitely be more powerful once he's fully recovered,"

the supreme holy tree said.

"I see."

Austin nodded.

It seemed that each magic tree had their own advantages.

The supreme holy tree was extremely hard. The holy yellow tree could absorb and take advantage of the laws in the world. The holy purple tree was good at attacking enemies.

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