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   Chapter 2545 The Blockade On Spiritual Sense

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Like four giant dragons, the spiritual sense fluctuations rushed across the starry sky in an instant, gushing like a river, and then flew into the huge diabolic tree at an amazing speed.

"Follow me!"

a powerful spiritual soul energy that existed inside the tree called out.


As soon as the words had ended, the spiritual soul energy that had come in hit the center of the tree.

A hideous face, emitting a terrifying evil energy pressure, was sitting in that spot.

At first, the eyes on that face were closed.

But at this moment, it suddenly opened its eyes and two terrifying rays of light burst out.

"What the hell?!

Holy cow, the spiritual soul has woken up!

It's impossible. I had sealed it off and it was in that state for so long. How could it wake up?"

It couldn't believe its eyes.

This evil face was the spiritual sense blockade of Devil Ancestor Bale, hidden in the diabolic tree.

It was equivalent to the extension of the will of Devil Ancestor Bale.

"You scum! You locked me up and refined me into your own original evil tree while I was unconscious. You went behind my back for your advantage!

I will get my revenge sooner or later!"

The spiritual soul of the tree itself snorted.


Do you really think it is possible to take revenge on me? Huh! Dream on!

I've completely blocked your spiritual soul with a very powerful skill. There's no way you're going to get rid of my control.

If you were still in your prime, you might have some strength left to challenge me. But now, you are at your weakest and I can easily get you back under my control again.

This time, I'm going to completely erase your spiritual soul.

This will turn you into my own evil tree forever!"

The evil face laughed wildly.

"No way!"

the tree's original consciousness roared with rage.


The tree's consciousness activated a burst of spiritual soul energy to attack that evil face.


The evil face suddenly opened its mouth very wide, and endless amounts of a dark shade of evil energy burst out from it.

This energy could be turned into a variety of black weapons such as sabers, spears, swords, halberds, whips and what not.

And that was exactly what happened. The black weapons flew in all directions to protect the evil face.


At that mom

ing slowly drained.


The supreme holy tree, the holy yellow tree, the demonic tree, and the soldier charged forward and launched another attack at the evil face.

At this moment, in the Third Demonic World of the Evil Abyss World, in the very depths of the planet, a huge black diabolic palace appeared from the void.

This diabolic palace was where Devil Ancestor Bale practiced in seclusion.

Inside the palace, Devil Ancestor Bale was sitting in meditation and not moving at all.

All of a sudden, he opened his eyes and two beams of horrifying black light shot out.

He could very clearly see what was happening in the Immortal End World.

"If the fight goes on like this, I'm afraid my original evil tree will go out of my control.

But I can't afford to stop my cultivation and come out right now.

Otherwise, all my previous efforts will be wasted,"

Devil Ancestor Bale murmured to himself.

He thought for a while, and then an idea came to his mind.

A dark figure rushed out from his head.

This dark figure was his spiritual avatar, and it took his form.

Although it was just a spiritual avatar, it was still strong enough.

It could easily kill a grand leader of the Third Demonic World!

It was known that Devil Ancestor Bale was a sect ancestor at the highest level in this universe.

His spiritual avatar was by no means an ordinary one.


The spiritual avatar soon flew away.

A moment later, he rushed out of the Evil Abyss World and headed for the Immortal End World at an amazing speed.

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