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   Chapter 2544 Change The Natural Phenomenon

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In the sky of the Immortal End World was Austin, who was standing in mid-air and gradually integrating himself with heaven and earth.

He had become one with nature, fitting into the movements and laws of everything around him.

Even if other warriors were passing by, they couldn't see or sense him at all.

Gradually, Austin was able to clearly sense everything in the Immortal End World through his mind.

He could see through everything in the world just like reading the textures of his palms.

Even the sky, earth, light, mountains and rivers, human beings, diabolic beasts, flowers, and trees––basically everything––were so lucid in his perception.

When he concentrated his mind, he was able to sense everything within the area.

Then, all those things disintegrated and turned back into the most fundamental laws they subjected to.

In the end, everything lost its current form and vanished. What Austin perceived in his mind were countless Divine Ruling Chains arranged in order.

"Everything in the world is a mere manifestation of some laws.

These laws are comprised of orders and regulations,"

Austin murmured to himself.

He had already comprehended this.

"Wind to blow!"

Austin closed his eyes and chanted.


All of a sudden, the entirety of the Immortal End Continent began to be engulfed by a billowing wind. Roaring hurricanes swept across and frantically washed out the whole land.

Countless towering trees were protracted one after another.

"Rain to drop!"

Austin uttered again.


Dark clouds suddenly amassed in the air, resulting in the rumbling of thunder and flashing of lightning. Then heavy rain poured down without a halt as if the sky was the end line of a massive waterfall.

With his dominating power, Austin directed various natural phenomena to occur in the Immortal End Continent. Snow, hails, and fogs alternately filled the entire continent.

Even daytime, nights, and the four seasons came and went in alternation.

All the living creatures in the Immortal End Continent, upon noticing this, were dumbfounded to their feet.

Such a strange natural phenomenon had never graced this land before.

Various natural phenomena had occurred all together within a short time, frightening many creatures that lived in the Immortal End World.

"Oh my god! What's going on?"

"Those odd natural signs?! Does this mean that something big is going to happen in the Immortal End World?"

"Is this a good omen or a bad one?"

What Austin did absolutely stirred a commotion among the creatures of Immortal End World.

Such a bizarre phenomenon was indeed terrifying as no one had seen or heard of such occurring so frequently in just a few hours. Everybody was panic-stricken and scared.

Kevin and the soldier w

looked into the distance, where the demonic tree was.

Both the supreme holy tree and the holy yellow tree had shrunk to the size of a human at that point.

"What's going on here?"

Austin asked as soon as he reached the top of the city wall.

"The devil ancestor used a secret method to embed a powerful spiritual sense restriction spell on Clint's body.

The devil ancestor can control Clint with this spell.

If Clint wants to get rid of the devil ancestor's control, the spiritual sense restriction spell must be destroyed.

We must release the energy of our spiritual souls all at once to help Clint smash the spell in a short time.

This way, the devil ancestor would absolutely have no chance to resist and do something."

The supreme holy tree enlightened Austin of the current situation in detail.

"How confident are you that it will actually work?"

Austin asked, making sure that the plan was plausible.

"Clint is skilled in martial arts. With our help, there should be no problem,"

The supreme holy tree replied after thinking for a while.

"All right. I'm going to check on Clint. Everyone, get ready. We're going to release the united energy of our spiritual souls and send it into Clint's trunk. We must smash the spiritual sense restriction spell in Clint's body, under Clint's lead,"

the supreme holy tree instructed with a commanding tone.

Then, with its spiritual sense, the supreme holy tree tried to get in contact with the demonic tree adrift in the starry space.

For a moment, silence enveloped the entire atmosphere.

"Let's start!"

the supreme holy tree ordered in a soft voice.

Instantly, Austin, the soldier, the supreme holy tree, and the holy yellow tree released the energy of their spiritual souls at the same time. Tremendous energy suddenly rushed towards the demonic tree in a great momentum.

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