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   Chapter 2543 The Preliminary Stage Of Immortal Saint Realm

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In the secret room, time passed by slowly.

Austin was practicing the Golden Sun Scripture. A vast sea of golden fire spread out with Austin's body in the center.

The nine house sized golden balls undulated in the sea of flames.

Five hundred years later, without a warning, one of the nine golden light balls suddenly became violent.

In the end, that golden ball exploded with a loud bang. The immense golden energy kept surging like a torrent.

After the explosion, the remaining eight light balls absorbed all the golden energy of the golden ball that had just exploded.

Now there were only eight of them.

However, Austin could feel that the energy contained in the remaining eight golden light balls was at least ten times more powerful than before.

Austin understood that this was the second part of the Golden Sun Scripture where eventually the nine golden balls would merge into one.

There were nine levels to this process.

The first level was when the nine golden balls would dwindle down to just eight

which was where he was right now.

Austin had asked the Lord of Flaming Sun about it in detail beforehand.

According to him, the Golden Sun Scripture was taught to him by a mysterious old man who had been practicing in the universe for a long time.

The old man had never told him his name or his background.

After imparting the Golden Sun Scripture to the Lord of Flaming Sun, the old man immediately left. Ever since then, he'd never seen him again.

After that, the Lord of Flaming Sun practiced nonstop until he finally reached the highest level of the first part of the Golden Sun Scripture with the nine balls.

But he hadn't started the second part yet before he died.

That meant Austin's cultivation base in the Golden Sun Scripture was higher than that of the Lord of Flaming Sun!

Three hundred years later.

"I'm finally going to break through!"

Austin muttered to himself. He was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

A few days later, the lightning flashed and thunder roared in a corner of the time chamber while a waterfall of lightning in a variety of different colors poured down.

Austin took the thunder unicorn and fought against the raging lightning snakes.

This time, the Thunderstroke D

isperse in the air.

After a while, the thunder and lightning was gone.

"I am now a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Immortal Saint Realm..."

Austin smiled.

The Immortal Saint Realm was a level higher than the Immortal King Realm.

He was on a different level now.

In any world in this universe, masters at the Immortal Saint Realm were considered to be top masters.

Austin gently clenched his fists. As he ran his vital energy inside his body, a tremendous force came out from inside him and began to repair his body.

In a flash, Austin found that all his wounds had been healed. He summoned up his life energy and soared into the sky.

His flesh and blood had been regenerated and all his bruises were gone. All of his bones were white as snow and it gave off a beautiful luster.

His flesh and blood almost gleamed, glittered even as it exuded an extremely powerful force.

Breaking through to the Immortal Saint Realm not only upgraded one's vital energy

but also everything as a living being.

In the next few decades, Austin sat cross legged in meditation and practiced his vital energy. He finally stabilized himself at the preliminary stage of Immortal Saint Realm.

"As a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Immortal Saint Realm, I wonder how much combat power I will have if my vital energy force is combined with the energy of the Immortal End World,"

Austin murmured.

Then Austin left the time chamber and soared into the sky of the Immortal End World.

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