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   Chapter 2534 I'll Play With Them

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An overwhelming amount of spiritual sense gushed out of the head of the grand chieftain of the skeleton race. Somehow, it seemed to have a physical form that manifested in the shape of columns several thousand feet high.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The columns soared into the sky at just the right spot and hit Austin and his companions.

"Be careful. This is the spiritual sense attack. Protect your Soul Sea at all costs!"

Asa reminded him.

Austin himself could sense that the spiritual sense of the grand chieftain was indeed terrifyingly powerful.

As the columns came at him and his companions, the entire space around him shook.

The Eight Stone Saints and the supreme grandmasters of the devil insect race furrowed their eyebrows as they became cautious. They released their own spiritual senses to resist the oncoming attacks.

'His spiritual sense is way too powerful.

If I don't stay focused, these columns will break into my Soul Sea, '

Austin muttered to himself silently.

From the corner of his eyes, he saw a streak of spiritual sense dash towards his head.

He quickly turned into a red light and stepped back hurriedly.

While retreating, he also swung at the visible spiritual sense. Bright Divine Ruling Chains came out of the air and hit the spiritual sense attack.

The little infinity beast and the divine silkworm released enormously amount of energy to help Austin withstand that column of spiritual sense.

However, physical attacks were not particularly useful when dealing with spiritual sense attacks.

Before Austin knew it, the column of spiritual sense was in front of his head.

The grand chieftain of the skeleton race laughed triumphantly when he saw this.

"Austin, today is just not your day! Don't think you can get away with anything.

Today, you all are going to die!"

he said with a malicious expression.

He was overjoyed to see that his spiritual sense attack had made Austin and his crew panic.

Just as he had become completely convinced that Austin was doomed, something unexpected happened.

The spiritual tree inside Austin's Soul Sea started to make a move.

Its leaves and roots began to grow and fly and reached out of the Soul Sea. They bound the spiritual sense column that was flying at Austin's head.


After that, the leaves and roots went back inside with that spiritual sense column.

It took the tree less than a second to refine that column and turn it into Austin's own spiritual sense

skeleton race was a big enemy of the Immortal End World. There was no way that Austin was going to spare his life.

Very soon, the spiritual tree dragged the scarlet flame into Austin Soul Sea and refined it as well.

By that time, all the other members of the skeleton race had been killed.

The entire troop of the skeleton race had been destroyed.

But Austin had let several members get away on purpose, so that they would report what had happened to their superiors.

Soon, the survivors fled to the Skeleton World and told their fellow members of what had transpired.

The death of a grand chieftain caused a great sensation in the entire Skeleton World.

The members of the skeleton race were filled with fury.

The five grand chieftains were even more upset than the people. They slammed their heavy hands on the table, smashed various things and roared furiously. Their voices shook the entire Skeleton World.

"Gather our main forces and hunt Austin!"

they ordered.

No one knew whether the supreme grandmaster of the skeleton race was alive or dead. The six grand chieftains currently ruled the Skeleton World.

The grand chieftain of the Skeleton World was as powerful as a grand leader of the Evil Abyss World.

Very soon, a large army was ready and left the Skeleton World for battle.

A warship was hiding in the void near the Skeleton World.

This warship was better than the original three warships Austin had gotten his hands on in the Tycoon World. Its main strength was its invisibility.

"Looks like the skeleton race is getting serious.

Okay, I will play with them,"

Austin said with a smile on his face.

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