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   Chapter 2531 Warships

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Surprised, Elroy released his spiritual sense to check what was inside the Space Rings. What he saw made him smile from ear to ear.

"What a fortune!"

Elroy was on cloud nine.

Each of the Space Rings was filled with a considerable amount of money. Combined, it would amount to an enormous fortune.

Elroy was the head of a large clan and was not easily impressed, but the amount of fortune he held in his hands were overwhelming.

For the past few days, Austin had destroyed hundreds of strongholds owned by the Third Demonic World. Each one sat on a mountain of hidden treasures, and Austin gathered all of them.

More than that, Austin had killed four grand leaders and took hold of an enormous amount of money from their Space Rings.

It was why the amount of Austin's wealth was unbelievable.

After Elroy had recovered from his shock, he laughed out.


Austin, I did not expect you to be so rich.

I underestimated you. I'm sorry."

Embarrassed, Elroy's face turned red as he smiled at Austin.

"It's all right.

I need to know, how many warships can I buy with this amount of money?"

Austin asked  with a faint smile.

"Young man, because I am so impressed, I will give you a discount. I will give you twenty of my top warships!

Also, I can ask our clan's top level warship designers to build twenty of the most advanced warships. It will have everything you need, from power, navigation to speed.

These enhanced top warships could fight against a master at the Immortal Saint Realm!

I believe it is exactly what you need. I heard about the brewing battle between the Immortal End World and the Third Demonic World of the Evil Abyss World. It is bound to happen eventually.

I will give you big discounts, because I would really want you to have these warships. Please consider them as a gift from me,"

Elroy said with a smile.

He liked Austin a lot.

After all, it was Austin who had given him the omnipotent internal core that helped him restore his strength.


Thank you, sir!"

Austin was pleased with the result of his negotiation with Elroy.

He would soon own twenty powerful warships that were all capable of fighting against the cultivators at the Immortal Saint Realm. Austin was overjoyed!

Once they got hold of these warships, the force of the Immortal End World would be greatly strengthened.

"Ha-ha! We will make the most powerful warships for you, but you will have to wait for five days in the Tycoon World.

Don't worry. I will order my men to speed up their work. Our finest warship designers will work on your ship day and night. We will finish the warships in five days,"

said Elroy.


Austin nodded his head in agreement.

Elroy then arranged a grand room for Austin to stay in.

Before long, Kelsey and Elsie heard the news and wasted no time to see  Austin.

ified of Austin that they did not dare leave their world and wander around.

The thought that even their grand leaders were killed by Austin haunted them.

No ordinary evil creature dared to risk his own life.

Much as they were afraid, they were also resentful and furious. They hated Austin to the core.

"How did it come to this?

In the past, we were the ones who would bully the creatures from the Immortal End World.

But now, the tide had turned against us."

"No, I cannot accept this. The Immortal End World is a weak and underdeveloped world. Austin is just a lowly human being.

How is it possible that they can threaten the Third Demonic World like this? How did we end up like this?"

In the Third Demonic World, a heavy feeling of pain and frustration travelled through the air like a mist.

Inside the warship.

"The enemies of the Immortal End World are not limited to the Third Demonic World.

The skeleton race, the heaven shadow race and the North Nether World. They are all our enemies!"

Austin said slowly.

In the ancient times, the Third Demonic World was an ally of the skeleton race, the heaven shadow race, and the North Nether World. They had formed a powerful army and shattered the Immortal End Continent.

Recently, the Third Demonic World became allies with the skeleton race and the heaven shadow race. They broke the protective dome above the Immortal End World and attack it.

The Third Demonic World, the skeleton race, the heaven shadow race and the North Nether World were all sworn enemies of the Immortal End World.

"It's time to make the skeleton race, the heaven shadow race, and the North Nether World pay for what they had done to us,"

Austin said coldly.

Austin was now the chief of the Immortal End World. He was heartless and showed no mercy to his enemies.

Without a doubt, Austin would not let go of the enemies of the Immortal End World.

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