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   Chapter 2520 The Transformation Of The Diabolic Killing Needle

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A diabolic palm came for Austin.

It was charging towards Austin with incredible power. Everything it touched was reduced into nothing, coupled with an explosion.

Austin could tell that this was a crisis.

He had a bad feeling.

Austin suddenly realized that he may not be powerful enough to fight against a grand leader of the Evil Abyss World!


The Eight Stone Saints exchanged glances before moving.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All at once, eight shadows came charging. Roaring fiercely, they all seemed unstoppable and powerful.

The Eight Stone Saints each held a weapon; either a spear, a blade, a sword, or an axe.

In one swift movement, they attacked Grand Leader Waddell from all directions.

At the same time, Austin summoned four chaotic evil beasts and more than a dozen of supreme grandmasters from the insect race from the Slave Tower.

"Kill him!"

Austin pointed at Grand Leader Waddell.

Immediately, the four chaotic evil beasts and the supreme grandmasters charged towards Grand Leader Waddell. They launched a powerful attack all at the same time.

"Fuck off!"

Grand Leader Waddell was furious and shocked at this sudden burst of power.

He thought he only had eight chaotic evil beasts to deal with before the fight broke out.

He didn't expect that he'd have to fight off so many powerful enemies.

The dozen or so insect supreme grandmasters were stunningly strong. Their power were so intense especially when they were all working together to attack.

Combined with the strength of the Eight Stone Saints and the four chaotic evil beasts, the power made the Grand Leader Waddell feel largely shocked and overwhelmed.

It only took a few seconds for everything to turn into chaos.

Austin teleported a large insect army out of the Slave Tower.

At the moment, millions of insects were suddenly afloat everywhere.

Among them were carefully selected elite soldiers from the insect race.

There were so many insects that it seemed like they were never-ending.

Austin waved his hand.


The insect army immediately charged and surrounded Grand Leader Waddell's troops.

Under Austin's instruction, a large group of powerful insect

was littered with bodies.

Bodies of evil creature were shredded and thrown everywhere!

A strong smell of blood spurted out! It was nauseating!

After a while, Austin eventually felt exhausted.

He couldn't even remember how many evil creatures he had already killed.

The Diabolic Killing Needle above the demonic avatar kept producing the black hole-like void that devoured the devils' blood and flesh.

Finally, at some point, the evil energy that the Diabolic Killing Needle had absorbed seemed to reach a critical point.

Something was happening.


A fierce and evil aura spread quickly.

The Diabolic Killing Needle grew larger in an instant.

It was getting larger and larger.

A few moments later, the size of the Diabolic Killing Needle was out of this world.

It was about six million feet long

Its diameter was more than a hundred thousand feet!

Standing tall like a huge pillar, it stretched out into the sky.

Soon, a dark magic hurricane shrouded it and began blowing wildly.

The sky began to tremble violently.

The space around it started to collapse.

At this moment, everyone was looking at the Diabolic Killing Needle.

"Our holy weapon is beginning to transform!"

Grand Leader Waddell stared at the Diabolic Killing Needle meaningfully.

"It's ours!

It must be returned!

Austin, give it to me!"

Grand Leader Waddell roared out. He was already losing his mind.

"Are you insane?"

Austin sneered.

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