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   Chapter 2518 The Fight With The Old Evil Creature (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6360

Updated: 2020-03-26 06:32

"Go to hell!"

The old evil creature stood erect with pride like an immovable mountain and looked out with rage and contempt like a leader presiding over his subjects as he discharged a strong evil aura in the air.

With a loud rumble, towering demonic mountains appeared in the void, and the vast demonic river fell from the milky way.

Mountains and rivers joined together and formed a small world which rushed towards Austin like an erupting volcano.

The whole magical attack was a demonic small world created by a magical secret skill, which could trap the enemy in the small world and slowly annihilate them while systematically overpowering them.

Austin took out the Pot of Chaos and made it float above his head. Wisps of omnipotent gas fell like a waterfall covered his whole body providing a protective cover.

The omnipotent gas was as heavy as a mountain, and could be used as a defense mechanism against the magical small world and it was very effective.

A black armor then appeared on Austin's body.

It was the very same armor that was made by Devil Ancestor Bale for his dearest grandson Derek. Austin took the armor as a trophy when the head of hybrid titan race helped him capture Derek.


Austin punched out and the evil mountains and rivers were blasted into the air instantly disintegrated into minute particles as if they never existed.

Countless Divine Ruling Chain appeared out of nowhere and intertwined with each other, and it soon formed a huge net. They made a whistling sound as they circled around Austin's body.


With the flash of a red light, a shadowy ghost of a red demonic mouse appeared. It crawled through the void and quickly flew away. It stood in the starry sky in the distance watching the chaotic mess.

Having reached the premium stage of Immortal King Realm, coupled with his powerful physical strength, Austin was now

the Eighteen Arhat Formula!

Austin had already mastered all the moves of the Eighteen Arhat Formula.


The splendid golden arhat followed behind the five sword aura and they both rushed at the old evil creature leaving dust in their wake as if it was a stampede of wild antelopes.

The blazing Buddhist light forced the evil aura to take a step back.

"The omnipotent skill of the Buddhist seemed to have the ability to restrain the evil law innately!"

Austin was delighted when he realized this.

The old evil creature's face darkened. Austin had displayed all kinds of secret martial arts skills, each of which was more powerful with every display. He couldn't handle them with ease anymore.

After reciting a very ancient magic spell, he reached out a finger and pointed forward as if guiding it towards Austin. A demonic fog bolted from the stretched out finger and spread, blotting out the whole sky, eventually drowning the sky covering a distance of thousands of miles.


From the depths of the fog a corpse miasma suddenly started to pervade. A huge thing then came out of it. It had a beast like outer body and was so strong. It stretched out its big cyan claw and crushed the five sword aura of a hundred thousand feet!

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