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   Chapter 2517 Knockout

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Grand Leader Waddell looked at the direction where Austin's invisible warship was adrift.

'A grand leader is indeed remarkable; he spotted us so soon, '

Austin thought to himself, admiring the evil creatures who was currently gazing at where they were.

Then, the warship gradually turned visible, displaying itself to one's naked eye.

Austin and Eight Stone Saints stood on the vessel, sneering at the evil creatures that graced their visions.

"Austin, it's you!

How dare you not run away and wait for me here?"

Grand Leader Waddell narrowed his gaze at Austin. His sharp eyes were filled with utmost killing intent.

All of a sudden, black ripples––like that of ocean current––surrounded the space around Austin.

These black ripples, made of profound evil law, were released by none other than Grand Leader Waddell himself.

If other creatures were in Austin's shoes, they would have already been scared out of their wits, kneeling down, and begging for mercy.

However, much to Grand Leader Waddell's surprise, Austin looked calm and unbothered. He even stood with his hands clasped behind him, flashing a smug that upset the former.

"Run away? Ha! Why would I do that when I'm here to get even with you?!

Don't give yourself too much credit! I am not afraid of you,"

Austin mocked with his smug still etched on his face.

Even when facing a grand leader who was evidently a threat, he showed no fear at all.

"You are so young, but you have already reached the premium stage of Immortal King Realm.

You should feel proud of yourself.

But, compared to me, you're still nothing, young man.

Soon you'll pay for your arrogant behaviors, Austin.

I will make sure you pay a heavy price!"

Grand Leader Waddell firmly announced. His eyes were still fixated at Austin.

After saying that, infinite evil aura surged and surrounded him, causing the space to tremble with the impact.

The Eight Stone Saints stood quietly beside Austin, keenly watching as the events unfolded.

The spirits of holy stone were born out of crystals. So, they had an advantage: they were good at concealing their strength.

When they stayed emotionless, they looked exactly like a stone––hard and immobile.

That was why Grand Leader Waddell paid no attention to Eight Stone Saints, who were just beside Austin.

"Oh, will you?

Well, then try to surprise me if you can,"

Austin challenged deridingly.

"Watch your language, brat! How dare you show of


"Austin, I'll give you a choice. Either I catch you myself, or you surrender. Pick one,"

he commanded in a superior tone while intently looking at Austin.

He was at the Ninth Evil Energy Realm, which was quite a high realm.

However, he had been stuck in this realm for a long time.

Yet still, with his experience, he could defeat all the other evil creatures of his level.

Although Austin had slain two evil creatures of the Eighth Evil Energy Realm, he didn't think this young man could be a threat to him at all.

"You old thing, fight if you want. Why are you wasting my time blabbing nonsense?"

Austin scorned with a smug creeping out of his lips.

"Well, ignorant people are always fearless.

Young man, you will regret this soon,"

the old evil creature retorted with a livid face.

The next moment, an intense evil aura emerged from his body like black pillars.

It crept in the entire area, causing the whole space to tremble.

Consistently, evil aura rolled all over the place, snatching the attention of the spectators around.

In an instant, hundreds of miles around the area was covered by thick black evil aura, where eerie cries of misery and pain bellowed.

Slightly fazed, Austin raised his eyebrows as he stared at the thick evil aura.

The evil aura of evil creatures was equivalent to the vital energy of human cultivators.

And this one, emitted by the old evil creature, was of terrifyingly high quality.

To put it simply, the higher one's evil aura's quality was, the stronger the creature was. So, this only meant one thing: the old evil creature was indeed a fierce and menacing figure.

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